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Rule the Google

Teks Mobile has been around long enough to know that change is inevitable and necessary in this ever-changing market. Android apps have changed in their functionality and purpose over these years, yet what has remained unchanged is our reputation of being the most reliable devs around.

Our Android development squad believes in working harmoniously, with our clients and within the team. To accomplish this, we ensure that unhindered and clear communication is initiated and continued. With Teks, you stay informed about your app’s progress in real-time.

What happens after we have completed the development process? Once we are sure that your app is bug-free, we help you publish it on Google Play. We stay on the lookout for feedback. If pesky bugs appear, we squash them immediately. When we’re on your side, you breathe easy.

Mobile Application Development

Android App Development

15 Years of Abundant Experience

You know an app development studio means business when it keeps adapting quickly with advancements over a period of long years. That is who we are. Leaders who bring change, and are leading Android development towards the future. Honestly, we don’t know another way.

Rapid Development Strategies

We don’t want you to waste your time when you come to us with an idea. When we see potential in what you plan to do, we rapidly get to work. Our coders are thorough and love to deliver a perfect result. 

Expertise with Variety

There is no dearth of app ideas that could come up in your mind. Over the years, we have created and managed a wide range of Android applications. Mastering the design and development of all those app categories on the Play Store provides us with the edge.

No Ownership Concerns

Ethics and the law are of great importance to all of us at Teks Mobile. We vow to bring you success without crossing lawful boundaries. We also treat your intellectual property with respect and confidentiality. The ownership of your idea and your app remains yours throughout.

Reporting and Follow-Ups

Don’t worry about being kept in the dark about the progress of your Android app. We want to maintain open communication with you, no matter what. You’ll be kept in the loop as our devs work tirelessly. We also follow-up regularly to make sure your services are running smoothly.

Globally Happy Clients

We are proud of the friends we’ve made, numbering well over 500, all over the world. Some have stuck around since our humble beginnings. We are your loyal advisors, who also happen to be great at coding.

Powered by our RAD Workshop

The Stages of Android App Development at Teks

Stage 1: In the Beginning

  • Listening to your app idea

  • Understanding what you need

  • Expressing our thoughts

  • Outlining a route moving forward

Stage 2: Devs Create Wireframes

  • All screens wireframed

  • Elaborative app flow decisions

  • Asking for your thoughts

  • UI designing the app

Stage 3: Codebase and Development

  • Devs get to work

  • Plan the navigation layout

  • Uninhibited revisions

  • Take your opinion

Stage 4: Testing and Fixing

  • Testing team investigates

  • Bugs reported and fixed

  • Minute details inspected

  • Submitted to you for feedback

Stage 5: Releasing Your App

  • Submission to Play Store

  • Tracking progress

  • Deploy on your server (optional)

  • Approved app ready to rock

Stage 6: Post-Launch Support

  • Users’ feedback regularly checked

  • Social Media promotions

  • Fixing bugs, if any come up

  • Updating app with new features

The Teks Advantage on Android

Let Us Know Your World Domination Plans!

Improve the Android Ecosystem

We have been around long enough to recognise app ideas that carry potential at the first stage of development. Let us in your plans. It could be the next big thing in the Android world. We will make it bigger.

Boost Your Business with an App Investment

Have you ever thought the massive returns of having an app for your business? Android devices are in the hands of every customer you serve. Help us take your business to the next level with a full-customised, feature-rich Android app that does justice to the products and services you offer. 

We Are Ready As Soon As You Are

Our team of Android developers are eager and waiting to begin working on their next challenge. Do you have one for us?

Mobile Apps For All Industries

Mobile App Solutions For Your Business

  • B2B Events

  • Travel

  • On-demand services

  • Healthcare

  • Photography

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Social Networking

  • Shopping & eCommerce

  • Lifestyle

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Android Wear

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