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At Teknowledge, each app project has its own story. Creating mobile applications has always been a learning experience for us. Take a look through the stories behind some of our finest apps here.


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Recent projects: Let’s Scout is the most comprehensive football scoring and scouting app.

Let's Scout

Let’s Scout is the most comprehensive football scoring and scouting app. Youth soccer around the world is in a new era. This will be more prevalent in the young football world. Let’s Scout provides individual statistics for every player in the top leagues in football matches. This also offers a live update for every game in which they watch every individual and the team’s performance. They will provide information related to every player based on the statistic who competes in all major leagues worldwide.

Recent projects: platform for defining goals and objectives that offer a route to success


Everybody has aspirations, whether related to health, finishing a certain course, enrolling in their ideal institution, or landing an ideal career. Although we are different, some people like journaling and writing down their dreams, and some want everything on their mobile phones. With this thought in mind, our client utilized technology advancements to design an app that will encourage users to interact with their goals and to believe in themselves. Dreamvolt is a platform for defining goals and objectives that offer a route to success. Dreamvolt offers a wealth of options to keep users inspired every day. Users may form groups of like-minded individuals to further their exploration.

Recent projects: The fitness app


The fitness app Mogulbody aspires to keep users healthy by offering workouts and intermittent fasting solutions. Many of us often find it challenging to go to the gym during certain times and work out. Seeing the lifestyle change, our client came up with the concept of intermittent fasting and home exercise to provide a solution for maintaining our health while working long hours; with the help of the app, users may manage their health with their busy schedules.

Recent projects: Fun learning platform for students


Education is an invaluable resource for overcoming obstacles in life, especially in the wake of the epidemic that transformed many aspects of life. We developed “Kojyto,” a fun learning platform for students, to help them to be in touch with their professors / teachers and uses latest technologies.

Recent projects: Social networking site that encourages help and relates.


The Whosthere app is a platform for those who care about others, and it’s a social platform for people to connect with others who care about the world and are concerned about future generations.

Recent projects: Realtime face to face e-learning platform


Kloutcam is a marketplace for creative intellectuals to host masterclasses thereby giving them a platform to earn money and on the other hand users can login to this all in one platform for flexible, on-demand learning.

Recent projects: Flower Delivery App


Bloombay is a multi-platform (iOS and Android) bouquet-selling application. Users can create lovely personalised bouquets and floral designs directly in the app. Bloombay is available in English and Hindi.

Recent projects: Event Technology


Eventify is a digital event app-building platform, with high-end customizable and scalable features. Multi-featured, user-friendly applications for all types of events can be created on the platform.

Recent projects: Translation Services


‘No Language Barrier Instrument’, or NOLBI, is an advanced and powerful translation software. It lets users seamlessly communicate with local service providers – by recording and translating messages on a near-real-time basis. 

Recent projects: Used Car Trading

HG Auto

HG Auto is a multi-featured used car buying/selling app, designed for the iOS and Android platforms. Buyers can go through a vast range of vehicles on the app, check out all the details, contact sellers directly, and arrive at informed purchase decisions.

Recent projects: Self-Motivation & Digital Health


HelloMind is a multi-featured mobile self-motivation app, conceptualized by Jacob Strachotta, and available on the iOS and Android platforms. It helps users identify the root cause of their problems, and provides personalized audio treatment sessions and boosters.

Recent projects: Education Technology

Li'l Champs

Li’l Champs is a fun-filled, interactive digital learning app for kids. It has 60+ educational games (single and multi-player), with 6000+ questions – covering more than 30 subjects. Li’l Champs has a separate set of augmented reality (AR) games as well.

Recent projects: Travel Services


Smarttrips is a customised digital travel wallet app, available on the iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to store all types of important travel documents in electronic format, and offers other key competitive advantages too.

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