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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Teksmobile specialise in?

You name the software type, and we have already been there and done that. Mobile apps, web applications, UI/UX, API management, IoT solutions, big data services, managed cloud solutions, enterprise mobility – we specialise in them all.

I have an app idea. How do I get started?

That’s simple. All you need to do is share your idea with us and request a free quote. You can sign up for a free software consultation as well. In addition, we also conduct Rapid Action & Development (RAD) workshops to review your projects/ideas.

There are many software development companies. Why go for Teksmobile?

Come to us if you value quality, that’s what we say. Our team has been creating mobile applications and other software tools & platforms (for startups and enterprises) for more than 14 years. Our set of capabilities to manage diverse types of projects is unmatched, as our clients certify.

Can I get my project idea reviewed by your team?

Of course you can. Sign up for a Rapid Action & Development (RAD) workshop – in which our experts will assess the technical and operational features of your project, and probable weak points and risks. You can also directly contact us for a free software consultation session.

Will I be able to monitor how my project is shaping up?

It’s YOUR project after all, and we help you stay on top of things at all times. There will be a dedicated account manager who will be your point-of-contact right through the development stages. You set the guidelines, and we will follow your directions.

What approach do you adopt for design & development projects?

Our team of developers and UI designers follow a mix of agile and iterative development methodology (instead of the traditional waterfall structure). We prioritise the creation of shorter development cycles, adherence to advanced quality standards, and delivering budget-friendly, fully customised software solutions.

What about the intellectual property rights of my project?

Teksmobile follows an ethical and transparent set of intellectual property rights. On the bespoke codes we write for your project, we issue license rights and/or copyrights for you. Please note that the entire source code is not shared with you, for privacy purposes.

What technologies do you work with?

Stating all of them will be difficult – but over the last few years, we have regularly worked with React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Unity 3D, Laravel, Node.js, React.js, and other tools. Our full-stack app developers create custom software for Apple (iOS, macOS, watchOS) and Android platforms.

Will you give us project updates on a regular basis?

Doing so is our responsibility. Apart from project reports sent at regular intervals, we communicate with clients on an ongoing basis – via telephonic conversations, Skype chats and video calls, emails and video conferencing. The objective is simple: to make you a part of the development process.

Will my software be as successful as I think it should be?

No guarantees here – but we will do our level best to make your mobile app/custom software perform at its best. Our team follows the ‘15-second-development-rule’ – in order to create a positive first point of interaction with end-users. The perfect blend of creativity, innovation and functionality – that’s what you get from us.

Who is the Global CEO of Teksmobile?

Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin – a software and mobile architect of note – is the head of the global Teksmobile brand. With a handful of employees, he started Teks as a humble startup – and has overseen its growth into an award-winning app and software agency. To contact with him directly, click

What benefits can I get with custom software?

From cost minimisation to efficiency boosts, from business process automation to risk avoidance, from discovering new business opportunities to generating higher ROI – the advantages of using custom software solutions are endless. In a nutshell, custom software tools generate considerable business value.

I am worried about the confidentiality of my ideas. What to do?

Stop worrying, that’s all we can say. We sign standard non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and confidentiality clauses before your project starts. All internet uploads and access require secure authorisation. Project details are encrypted and everyone on our team are full-time employees.

Will your team be able to handle my software project?

We have certified developers, UI designers and software testers, regularly working with the latest tools, frameworks and software development platforms. Our team provides offshore software development services to clients from UK/US/North America on a regular basis.

Will I be able to monitor how my project is shaping up?

It’s YOUR project after all, and we help you stay on top of things at all times. There will be a dedicated account manager who will be your point-of-contact right through the development stages. You set the guidelines, and we will follow your directions.

Where is Teksmobile headquartered?

Over the years, we have built up a strong international presence – with offices in Australia, UK, Sweden, South Korea and India. We have collaborated with nearly 500 international clients till date, and also provide onsite services (depending on specific project requirements).

What’s your project flow?

After the initial discussion, we proceed to creating wireframes and mockups for your mobile app/custom software. The same are shared with you – and based on your suggestions/feedback, designs are revised and prototypes are created. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is created next.

How much will you charge for creating my software?

Well, that depends on the precise nature of your software, the complexities involved, and the time we will need to complete it. We provide ballpark price estimates in our free project quotes. You can be certain about one thing though – we will deliver the best software tools, on time, and within your budget.

Will you help me set up my developer account?

Definitely. We will be more than happy to help you set up your own developer account(s) on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Our experts will provide you with all the required information, and we can even set up the account(s) on your behalf.

What if you cannot finish my project on time?

Well, that’s not going to happen. We have successfully worked on 1300+ mobile app projects till now – and not one of them had to be pushed back beyond the pre-specified delivery dates. We take a lot of pride in being able to complete projects well before deadlines.

How quickly can you complete a project?

It’s not a race…it never is. At Teksmobile, we try to maintain the best possible balance between features, time and budget – so that you get the best of everything. Having said that, if you have a particular date requirement, let us know. We will try our best to complete your project within that time-frame.

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