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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Yes. I know. Most of the trends listed in this blog have been going…

Hussain Fakhruddin November 5, 2019

Top 11 Tips To Hire The Best Software Development Company

Are you a business enterprise venturing into the market for the first time? Or…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 24, 2019
The Rise and Rise of Precision Agriculture: Opportunities in 2020

The Rise and Rise of Precision Agriculture: Opportunities in 2020

    ‘Sustainable development’ is the key phrase in every industry these days. And…

Hussain Fakhruddin August 7, 2019

Data Protection 101: 3 Important Strategies To Make A Secure App

  2013: All 3 billion Yahoo! accounts compromised. Names, birth dates, phone numbers, and…

Hussain Fakhruddin July 19, 2019

Top 10 Event App Builders in 2019: Great Apps for Successful Events

    Gone are the days when building an app used to be a…

Hussain Fakhruddin June 6, 2019

Hiring React Native Developers: 6 Skills To Look For

    Teksmobile was not always the competitive, top-of-the-line app development team that it…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 30, 2019

The Rise & Rise Of The Popularity Of React Native

    App developers face a great dilemma every time they begin work on…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 18, 2019

The Rise Of Empathetic Technology: All You Need To Know

    The entertainment industry has produced more movies than you know about robots….

Hussain Fakhruddin April 15, 2019

Getting Acquainted With Flutter: A Beginner’s Guide

    Google was determined to end 2018 on a high note. While their…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 12, 2019

React Native vs Flutter: Which Cross-Platform Framework Is Better For App Developers?

    The global mobile app market is not showing any signs of stalling…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 5, 2019

Make Better Wireframes in 7 Easy Steps

    “Strong roots make beautiful leaves”, they say. There is not much to…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 3, 2019

AI-as-a-Service: All That You Need To Know

  In 2008, the worldwide software-as-a-service market was worth only $5.6 billion. Cut to…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 30, 2018

Machine Learning in 2019: Tracing The Artificial Intelligence Growth Path

    The age of the ‘intelligent assistants’ is well and truly upon us….

Hussain Fakhruddin October 9, 2018

Publishing Android Application on Google Play

(In this post, a senior Android app developers outlines the process of publishing a…

Hussain Fakhruddin August 20, 2018

Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps - Which Of These Offer Greater Advantages?

  Total revenues from the global mobile app market is set to touch $190…

Hussain Fakhruddin July 24, 2018

NB-IoT In India: Looking At The Key Facts, Stats & Updates

  India is fast growing into a strong global IoT hub. By the end…

Hussain Fakhruddin May 9, 2018

Farming With Robots: An Overview Of Applications & Use Cases

  The face of agriculture, as we know it, is changing. Technology is playing…

Hussain Fakhruddin May 3, 2018

How Can LoRa Technology Boost Smart Agriculture In India?

    For all the steady growth in the secondary (industrial) and tertiary (services)…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 13, 2018

LoRaWAN In India: Developments, Opportunities & More

      According to reasonable estimates, the world will have close to 76…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 10, 2018

[Infographic] The Growth Of Mobile Gaming

With the rapid growth of smartphone users worldwide, it’s not surprising that the mobile…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 9, 2018

IoT Product Design: 12 Mistakes To Avoid

In North America, the adoption of IoT (internet of things) projects had risen to…

Hussain Fakhruddin March 5, 2018

Swift 4 Is Here: A Roundup Of The New Features

    Apple’s Swift programming language is showing signs of recovery, after going into…

Hussain Fakhruddin January 3, 2018

Java vs Kotlin: Which Programming Language Is Better For Android Developers?

  At this year’s Google I/O, Kotlin – the statically-typed language from JetBrains –…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 31, 2017

Mobile UX Optimization For Higher Conversion Rates: Top 14 Tips

    In an ideal, utopian scenario, the conversion rate for mobile applications should…

Hussain Fakhruddin September 25, 2017

The Rise Of Climate-Smart Agriculture: An Analysis

Among the many factors that have potentially damaging effects on agricultural outputs worldwide, and…

Hussain Fakhruddin August 2, 2017

Thinking Beyond Mobile Apps: Are Bots The New Apps?

    Bots are already big, and they are growing bigger. In 2016, the…

Hussain Fakhruddin June 30, 2017

A Roundup Of The 13 Biggest Announcements At Google I/O 2017

  In 2016, the total volume of Android app and game downloads was well…

Hussain Fakhruddin May 23, 2017

Are You Familiar With These 9 API Testing Tools?

Among the many concerns of API providers, the biggest is related to API quality…

Hussain Fakhruddin September 6, 2016

Mobile App Developers Worldwide: Key Stats & Figures

  According to a recent worldwide survey, nearly 46% of all professional software developers…

Hussain Fakhruddin August 18, 2016

Apple WWDC 2016: Top 14 Announcements At The Keynote

  It’s over. While this year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will continue till…

Hussain Fakhruddin June 14, 2016

AppBoard Tuesday - The Recipe For Making Highly Addictive Mobile Games

For a couple of days last week, the internet connection at our office was…

Hussain Fakhruddin June 7, 2016

Xcode 7 for iOS App Developers: What’s New?

  Within a month of its release, the latest iteration of Apple’s integrated development…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 27, 2015

AppBoard Tuesday - The Journey From An Idea To An App

At times, you just know that you have chanced upon a good app idea….

Hussain Fakhruddin May 19, 2015

Are You Aware Of These New SpriteKit Features In iOS 8?

When the iOS 8 platform was launched by Apple, the SpriteKit framework received quite…

Hussain Fakhruddin May 14, 2015

Eclipse vs NetBeans - Which Is The Better IDE For Android App Development?

Eclipse is the go-to Java IDE for most coders working on Android applications. However,…

Hussain Fakhruddin January 22, 2015

Beach Magic At Manadarmani - The Destination For Our Latest Office Outing!

A Weekend To Remember Two days of pure, unadulterated fun – that’s what the…

Hussain Fakhruddin April 9, 2014
Top 8 Productivity Tools we use at Teksmobile

Top 8 Productivity Tools we use at Teksmobile

At Teks we are 99.99% Mac fans. Here are some productivity apps / tools…

Teksmobile November 17, 2021
Sustaining During The Covid-19 Pandemic - A Guide For Businesses

Sustaining During The Covid-19 Pandemic - A Guide For Businesses

For businesses across the globe, the last twelve months have been nothing short of…

Teksmobile January 12, 2021

Freelancers Vs App Development Companies - Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Making a mobile app requires solid investments – both in terms of time and…

Teksmobile October 29, 2020
Teknowledge Software Reflects on Success Over the Years, Offers Advice to Others

Teknowledge Software Reflects on Success Over the Years, Offers Advice to Others

Teknowledge Software is an end to end mobile application development agency. We’ve been in…

Teksmobile July 29, 2020
HRTech In 2020: How Can Technology Help In Employee Recruitment?

HRTech In 2020: How Can Technology Help In Employee Recruitment?

Technology has managed to touch each and everyone’s life at this point in time….

Hussain Fakhruddin December 13, 2019
5G in 2020: Top 12 Challenges That Need To Be Overcome

5G in 2020: Top 12 Challenges That Need To Be Overcome

The buzz about 5G technology is at an all time high. However, initial adoption…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 28, 2019