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API Development And Management Services

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Learn the importance of APIs for your business. Let us allow your API strategies.


What Are APIs?

APIs, or Application Program Interfaces, refer to software solutions for seamless interactions between multiple mission-critical applications. They also help developers interact with their apps in a more efficient manner. APIs make it easy to connect mobile apps to the cloud as well, through backend-as-a-service (BaaS).

Why Should You Go For A Full-Service API-Driven Development Model?

Our customised, scalable and performance-assured APIs can deliver significant competitive advantages to your business. These include:

  • Establishment of a strong brand image/presence.

  • Seamless information transfer and data sharing within your organisation.

  • Smoother collaboration with partners.

  • Regular enterprise IT system upgrades.

  • Robust IT architecture for business.

  • Greater opportunities for long-term growth.

  • Compatibility with futuristic tools and technology.

Information is the single-most important factor for conducting business over the web or mobile. Our APIs help you in creating a strong, secure data ecosystem in which you can take your organisation forward.

Teksmobile - The Best Full-Service API Company For You

Team Teks brings to you state-of-the-art API design and development solutions for your mobile and web applications. We offer the perfect blend of usability and functionality in our APIs, so that they deliver optimal value (internally and externally) for your business. Irrespective of whether yours is a large enterprise or a startup, we have the right APIs for you at the most competitive rates.

Our API Services

If you wish to get in on the API economy, we would help you at every stage. Our API-related services include the following:

API Designing

Hire our API developer company and discover the best in state-of-the-art software designing. From API versioning and use of the correct HTTP codes, to caching and authentication – our developers take care of everything. We also help in the preparation of detailed, formal API documentation – ensuring greater discoverability of the APIs.

API Development

We specialise in developing cutting-edge REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) APIs. From making custom APIs and integrating third-party interfaces – for fetching information from external databases – to updating existing APIs, we do them all.

API Monitoring

All key metrics from APIs (public and private) are closely monitored by the analytics team at Teksmobile. The analysis is done from two perspectives: the performance/technical perspective and the business/value perspectives. For mission-critical, data-driven software tools, this regular API monitoring is a must.

API Monetisation

Not only do APIs make the overall workflow at your organisation more efficient and time-saving, they can also help you earn big. Our in-house mobile API developers help you in selecting the best monetisation strategies for your business. With an optimised API strategy in place, you can expect minimal risks.

API Testing

We provide comprehensive API testing services for new as well as existing applications. Apart from performance testing and load testing, the other checks we perform include usability testing, security testing, proficiency testing, reliability testing and creativity testing. Our tech support team can be contacted anytime.

API Consultancy

Our API consultants and developers are present round the clock across 18+ time zones, to resolve all your queries about custom API development services. Our expertise with tools like Apigee and Mulesoft will help you get the best API management solutions for your business.

End-to-End Custom API Services

Our services cover all the stages of the API lifecycle



We help you in identifying the most suitable API-driven development strategy for your business. Depending on your precise requirements, we recommend the creation of Public, Private or Partner APIs, or other custom software solutions. You can also request a free API consultation with our experts.



Our API standards are in sync with the plans defined in the Analysis stage. API projects are delegated to experienced and qualified developers. Compatibility with the latest machine standards, human usability and implementation of glitch-free security - every aspect is taken into account.



From API marketing and promotions, to releasing iterations based on user feedback, we help you with all types of API operations. Usage stats and other analytics are closely monitored during this stage. Customised strategies are outlined to generate greater awareness about your APIs.



Like most other software tools, APIs also have a limited lifetime. When deprecations set in, we help you in retiring your old APIs and making a smooth transition to a new set of interfaces. Our APIs deliver the maximum possible value for your business, before reaching the retirement stage.

API Tools & Technologies We Use

We use the latest tools, resources and frameworks for developing APIs that are faster, easier to handle and more effective for your business. Our API developers are proficient in working with:

The Performance Assurance

According to reports, quality is the single biggest bone of concern among API customers across the world. By hiring our API developers, you can easily protect yourself from such worries. Our APIs have been acknowledged by clients to be of the highest quality – and they are oriented to bolster your overall business.

Use Our APIs. Move Ahead Of The Competition.

Boost your in-house mobility systems, network with business partners and collaborators, work on the cloud and create a buzzing ecosystem for your business – all with our custom, high-performance APIs. Having an API program is no longer an option for your organisation. Get our custom APIs, and discover the difference they make.


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