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Discover the Advantages Of Cutting-Edge Big Data Analytics Solutions For Your Business

Welcome to the Big Data revolution

Looking for Qualified Data Scientists to Work On Big Data And Create Business Strategies?

We implement fully customised big data solutions that help you boost your revenues, generate new competitive advantages, and take more informed business decisions.

Data Examination and Proof-of-Concept (PoC) designing

Big Data infrastructure and technology deployment

Business intelligence optimisation with qualified data scientists & engineers.

Analytics & Insights with smart data modeling and machine learning

Customised app development and big data migration


Say ‘Hi’ to Intelligent Decision Making.

The total volume of data we have at our disposal at present is close to 42 billion GB. The challenge here is to organise and manage this big data in a manner so as to generate greater actionable insights. With smarter big data engineering, decision-making can become more effective, and business acceleration can become a lot faster.

Teksmobile is proud to present the full array of client-centric big data services. Our data scientists examine various data silos, adopt best practices for data collection, and ensure smooth data connectivity. Our objective is simple: to help you gain important customer insights, for modifying marketing strategies and driving up revenue/profit figures.

Our team offers end-to-end big data support services – right from discovery, integration and delivery, to maintenance and administration – to clients from different business verticals. We help you in mapping out your data needs before your rivals and implement the required solutions seamlessly.

How Can We Help?

Customised Big Data Services For Your Business

Consultation & Strategy-Making

After assessing the precise data requirements and possibilities for your organisation, our team identifies the most suitable technologies and data architectures for big data implementation. Our rich expertise with Apache Hadoop, cloud systems, MPP databases and other cutting-edge technologies help us in coming up with truly beneficial solutions.

Configuration Of Big Data Infrastructure

From getting the Hadoop clusters installed and activated, to configuring them and monitoring them on an ongoing basis – we take charge of everything. Real-time data flow is facilitated with the help of custom data connectors, created with the latest tools and frameworks. Making complex configurations simple – that’s what we specialise in.

Support Over Big Data Lifecycle

A standard big data integration lifecycle has 4 distinct phases – implementation, development, monitoring and tech support. Teksmobile brings to you expert support services covering this entire lifecycle. We also help you to seamlessly integrate our big data solutions in your existing enterprise data warehousing systems.

Powerful Big Data Analytics

Our big data analytics are being constantly updated, as per the latest industry trends and client requirements. Apart from custom big data app development, we offer secure data migration, smooth big data integration, and other related services. All key components, like data management, data provisioning and data consumption, are handled by us.

Intelligent Big Data Modeling

We help you in your bid to become a data-driven company. All available data are categorised, examined, classified and organised – helping you identify important business insights from them. That, in turn, helps you take better business decisions and take your company forward. Our big data services include both predictive and prescriptive data analysis.

Data Visualisation With Latest Tools

We strive to maintain maximum accuracy in our big data analytics, by using the best tools for data visualisation – like SAS, Tableau, Azure ML, QLikView, and others. Our team has proven experts from the fields of data mining, machine learning and inferential statistics, working together to deliver the best solutions for you.

Brought To You By Teksmobile

Teksmobile - Your End-to-End Big Data Service Partner

Phase 1: Big Data Infrastructure

  • Data storage capacity

  • Data server management

  • Data security

  • Networking architecture

Phase 2: Software Platform Management

  • Prompt data discovery

  • Business intelligence

  • Data encryption & security

  • Data capture, mapping & presentation

Phase 3: Big Data Management

  • Data planning

  • Big data connectivity

  • Hadoop implementation & management

  • Environment optimisation

Phase 4: Quality of Service (QoS) Assessment

  • Performance testing

  • Analytics tracking

  • Actionable insight generation

  • Data reliability testing

Phase 5: Maintenance/Upgrading in Steady State

  • Data governance

  • Steady-state data-flow tracking

  • Big data algorithms

  • Identification of business use cases

Phase 6: Big Data Engineering & Analytics

  • Big data modeling

  • Inferential statistics

  • Data collection & reporting

  • Data lifecycle planning

Give Yourself The ‘Teks’ Edge

Avail The Best Big Data Services

Enterprise Data Warehouse

We help you create, maintain and access resources from a powerful, centralised big data repository. This adds an extra layer of functionality to enterprise data warehousing (EDW), with full data archiving support. Our flexible big data solutions are well-equipped to overcome new challenges thrown up by the ever-increasing data volumes.

Systematic Data Management

Our big data services are customised and come with next-gen features like one-stop dashboarding, data alerts and vendor-neutral technology/architecture suggestions. With careful predictive analysis, we can identify and resolve probable data security threats easily. If required, you business intelligence systems can be securely linked with third-party tools.

End-to-End Services

Starting with detailed technical evaluation and creation of PoC, we help you in laying down the big data roadmap, customising the platform(s) and deploying big data solutions. Our analysts, researchers and data scientists are constantly on the lookout to create and update all-inclusive big data models that boost profitability and ensure operational stability.

Our Solutions For Different Industries

Big Data Services Across Business Verticals

  • Banking

  • Utilities

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Government services

  • Telecom

  • Automotive

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Entertainment & media

  • Education

  • Consumer Goods

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