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Managed Cloud Services

Get the best out of the leading cloud platforms. Boost business efficiencies and cloud computing abilities.

The Next Level In Cloud Computing

Want to collaborate with the best cloud infrastructure partner and managed service provider?

We help you seamlessly transition to cloud computing, make provisioning faster & more reliable, and enable greater scalability.

Expert cloud strategy management

Hybrid, Private & Public cloud implementations

Creation of efficient IT environment powered by managed cloud

Resilient, agile & stable cloud solutions

Fully customised cloud solutions for your business


Managed Cloud-as-a-Service - (MCaaS)

Multi-cloud technologies are on the rise across the globe. By 2020, nearly 90% of all enterprises will be using multi-cloud services. In order to manage the advanced cloud platforms and optimise their functionalities, you need to work with a certified managed cloud service provider (MSP). From cloud migration to accelerating business value generation – Teksmobile provides end-to-end managed cloud services to you.

Our managed cloud and remote mobility solutions are designed to match your enterprise-level objectives. The services that we offer include process automation, data security and security patching, ongoing cloud platform management, network operations, endpoint management, and other related activities. Irrespective of whether you are working with public, private, hybrid or multi-tenant cloud infrastructures, we bring to you the very best solutions.

The in-house cloud service experts at Teksmobile have years of relevant experience in working with the latest cloud technologies. Our solutions are cost-effective, futuristic and can be easily implemented to your existing IT setup. Cloud environments are, by nature, complex and require smart management – and that’s precisely the sort of tech support we provide.

One-Stop Managed Cloud Service Provider

Innovative Cloud Management & Hosting Solutions To Empower Your Business

Customised Cloud Solutions

We fine-tune our managed cloud services for different industry verticals, and as per the scale & nature of your business. For rapidly growing enterprises with evolving cloud service requirements, our scalable solutions deliver additional value.

Managed Hosting Services

From Windows and Linux to VMware – our team brings to you efficient and cost-effective managed cloud hosting solutions. We manage workloads at scale and ensure optimised cloud portfolio management. You can also hire our Openstack cloud developers.

360° Cloud Environment Optimisation

Discover the advantages to simple, easily accessible and glitch-free managed cloud solutions. Use our enterprise-grade support services to maximise your utilisation of the leading cloud platforms, while minimising operational expenses. Generate never-before competitive advantages.

Latest Cloud Technologies & Platforms

We regularly work with the leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and others. As such, our experts have the requisite knowhow to assess your requirements, and recommend the ideal multi-cloud solution(s) for your business.

All-Inclusive Managed Cloud Services

Apart from routine cloud solutions, Teksmobile specialises in data virtualisation, comprehensive mobile app support, business process automation, centralisation & set-up of network architecture, disaster recovery services and remote cloud solutions. Our services add strategic direction and tactical nous to your business.

Next-level Digital Transformation

In order to meet the changing digital needs of your business, we constantly update our cloud solutions and make use of the latest cloud technologies. With over 50 successful cloud deployments for enterprises and 90+ cloud service clients – Teksmobile ensures greater ROI figures on your IT investments.

Customised. Accelerated. Valuable.

Cutting-edge Managed Cloud Services

Private Cloud

  • Data virtualisation

  • Dedicated servers

  • Single-tenant cloud environment

  • Advanced security

Public Cloud

  • Scalability assurance

  • Multi-tenant cloud environment

  • Data traffic management

  • On-premise infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud

  • Private/Public cloud connectivity

  • Application server(s)

  • Best-in-class network architecture

  • Stable & agile services

Cloud Environment Optimisation

  • Resilient cloud recovery & production

  • Greater IT environment adaptability

  • Pay-as-you-grow models

  • Managed application services

Designing Competitive Advantages

  • Integrated and custom-managed cloud services

  • Powerful UX augmentation

  • Prompt network development

  • Advanced cloud technologies

Add-on Cloud Services

  • Cloud strategy assessment

  • Cloud app analytics

  • Application migration assessment

  • Data center migration & handling

Best Managed Cloud Service Provider

Enterprise-Quality Managed Cloud Services. Customised For You.

Cloud Partnership

Our experts collaborate with you to get a grasp of your IT infrastructure and big data handling requirements. Based on that, the most suitable and unbiased cloud mobility solutions are suggested. Our professional managed cloud solutions help you stay ahead of the competition.

Seamless Transition

We have been helping both startups and enterprises migrate to the cloud platform for more than 8 years. Our team combines state-of-the-art technical expertise, willingness to innovate and diverse industry experience to create managed cloud solutions that deliver true value.

Security Assurance

From workloads and cloud applications, to hosted data and cloud data – our advanced security standards every aspect of managed cloud services. Several data protection layers are implemented, vulnerability assessments are conducted, data logs & VPNs are monitored, to prevent intrusion risks and threats.

Cloud Services For All Industries

Managed Cloud Services Across Industry Verticals

  • Real Estate

  • Hospitality

  • Finance

  • Production

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Insurance

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Entertainment

  • Manufacturing

  • Banking

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