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User Interfaces Work Best WIth React.js

Our React.js developers have been behind the creative development of user interfaces of top applications and websites. Talk with us if you want to see yourself at the top too!

Clean, Attractive UI

Dynamic Functions

Open Source Utilisation

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Incredible Face-Lift With React.js

React.js designers at Teksmobile are masters in the art of UI designs. A great user interface keeps users interested and engaged with your web application. We have sketched out and programmed quite a lot of them since Facebook released into the open.

With a humongous library of components at our disposal, we can guarantee a well-written, fully-functional, and smooth-flowing app based on React JavaScript. Since it’s inception, React.js has powered a great many apps- Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and, perhaps, yours could be next.

At Teksmobile, we bring to you a production experience of almost 15 years. We have been coding and drawing for so long, changing our methods to adapt to the trends for all this time. You can expect an exciting ride as we take your idea and breathe life into it.

React.js Made Easy

Why Teks Is Your Best Option

Accessibility with React.js

The React.js library developed by Facebook was built to address several problems that the social media giant was facing. Since it is open-source, you get access to the complete library that has the potential to transform your application.

Additional Libraries

The React library might not have all the runtime components that your app requires to function as you want. Therefore, we integrate other libraries like Gatsby.js, Next.js and various API services to make your application the complete solution storehouse.

Codebase Management

Stack on stack of codes and multiple libraries need to be stored in an organised fashion to facilitate smooth modifications and fixations in the future. We take care of that without a fuss. 

Creative Designers

Our team has some of the most creative and articulate designers that you’ll ever meet. They have a knack for creating stunningly attractive screens with emphasis on user satisfaction. Trends keep changing but our crew stays on top of them and sets some on the way.

Authorisation Transparency

We will write the codes for you and also remember that it’s yours. All changes would be made after your approval. You are the leader and we will follow your lead, while also offering suggestions on the way to make things better. 

Highly Experienced React Techies

Even though the React library is relatively new, our programmers were quick to acquaint themselves with its ins and outs from the moment it released. With every project, we learn and do something, thus, enabling the progress of both our clients and our team.

Level Up With Teks

What Happens Behind the Scenes

Stage 1: Initial Meeting

  • Discussions on your idea

  • Practicality of the idea

  • Determining the approach

  • Your Approval

Stage 2: Designing the UI

  • Wireframing the interface

  • Deciding the flow

  • Animation features

  • Your Approval

Stage 3: Development

  • Writing the codes

  • Sticking to the pre-decided approach

  • Maintaining readability

  • Regularly reporting to you

Stage 4: Testing the Program

  • Testers find bugs and anomalies

  • Checking all functions thoroughly

  • User experience enhanced

  • Your approval

Stage 5: App Deployment

  • Final checks before launch

  • Submitting to application stores

  • Uploading to your server (optional)

  • Release date

Stage 6: On-call After Launch

  • Keeping in touch

  • Marketing advisory

  • All-round app support

  • Start a new project

Leaders of UI design

Awesome Interfaces are a Step Away at Teks

Responsible Developers

One thing that these years of service have taught us is to be responsible for your idea and with the quality of codes we write. We don’t take undue credit. Neither do we shift the blame when things go wrong. You can count us to be good partners, even when things go a bit awry.

Prudent Decision-Making

While most of the decisions lie in your hand, the Teks team assisting you will have to make crucial choices regarding things that are purely technical. You can rest assured that they possess ample experience to handle things with your goals in mind.

Resourceful App Solutions

Teksmobile aims to provide you with guidance and structure as you go ahead with your app idea. We implement automation and deploy expert individuals to bring you success beyond doubt. 

Our React.js Developers Offer Cross-Domain Expertise

React.js Solutions For All Industries

  • Travel

  • B2B Events

  • Lifestyle

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • On-demand services

  • Healthcare

  • Photography

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Social Networking

  • Shopping & eCommerce

  • Lifestyle

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