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Objective C vs Swift: Which Is The Better Language For iOS Developers?

In a Stack Overflow 2016 survey, Apple’s Swift programming language came in second in...

Hussain Fakhruddin August 25, 2016

Swift 2: 15 New Features For iOS Developers

In October, Apple released Swift 2.1 - the latest stable version of the programming language...

Hussain Fakhruddin November 12, 2015

Veeaie Keyboard app by Teknowledge

  Not everyday do developers get the chance of working on apps that blend...

Hussain Fakhruddin April 16, 2015

Xcode 6.3: What’s New In It For iOS Developers?

The third beta of Xcode 6.3 was released on March 12. The IDE offers...

Hussain Fakhruddin March 20, 2015

14 Handy Pointers For Programming With Apple Swift

All set to start creating iOS apps with Swift? Go through our round-up of...

Hussain Fakhruddin January 9, 2015

15 Xcode Features That Every iOS App Developer Should Know

Proficiency in Xcode is the very first requirement for any aspiring iOS app developer....

Hussain Fakhruddin December 29, 2014