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The Whosthere app is a platform for those who care about others, and it’s a social platform for people to connect with others who care about the world and are concerned about future generations. It is always you who connects people within your predetermined range. Find inspiring new content and information in videos and graphics, and interact with the people you follow.

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  • Technology

    React Native, Dreamfactory

  • Time Taken:

    6 Months


The Whosthere app is a platform for those who care about others, and it’s a social platform for people to connect with others who care about the world and are concerned about future generations. It is always you who connects people within your predetermined range. Find inspiring new content and information in videos and graphics, and interact with the people you follow.

Whosthere is a social networking site that encourages “help and relates” in order to bring people together globally. Connect with people locally and globally, solicit assistance from others or offer it yourself, digitally tour the globe, and strive to broaden your cultural perspective through mastering interpersonal skills.

Our Contribution

End to End execution 

  • Concept Workshops, UX Research & Wireframing
  • UI Research and UI Designing.
  • Backend & Frontend Development
  • Internal Testing and Beta Testing  
  • Apple Appstore & Google Playstore release



Technology Used For Whosthere

Client & Objective

Our client is based on XYZ location, and with the unique idea of connecting people in a predetermined range and the feature to talk to them based on their behaviour; Our client approached us for whosthere an application where people can easily connect on the basis of location.


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Problem Statement:

The client had several challenges since he was new to the app development industry. Although the project concept was entirely unique and hence required extensive research, the client was also required to validate the findings with technical experts. For the ideal execution of the project, he travelled to many countries for his research and also to find a good technical partner. He also approached many other app development companies but he wasn’t satisfied and those companies wasted his time and money. He not only wanted a good product but also a good development company that would support his project in the long term.


Since it’s a social networking site but not a traditional one, the most serious difficulties we encountered were:



Real-time data analysis with recommendations for clear communication. As it was a rather new concept, an extensive study was required before we at Tekmobile could start developing a user-friendly app. Our client also assisted us by providing a variety of outcomes and use cases that would be displayed for each plotting area.



Another challenge while developing this application was maintaining and handling live feed updates and handling the server load. We had to design the ideal balance of Design, Speed, Personalization and Security considering the app's target audience. Given that it is a media app, a substantial quantity of data would be uploaded/ downloaded and shared very frequently.

Our Solution & App Features

We first worked to understand the objective, problem and challenge in front of us. To create a reliable application, we adhered to the following strategy

Developing the idea into the concept

To understand the concept of this software, we involved our business analysts who had brainstorming sessions with the client to create this social networking app’s basic requirement plan and wireframes. Experts that created this social networking software. Following comprehensive research of the requirements, we learned that the client wished to promote cultural awareness and appreciate behavioural analysis and interpersonal skills. To satisfy the client’s expectations, we held meetings.

Utilizing the potential of research

Our initial research by our business analysts helped us a lot in developing this app., Our designers went through the studies, and ultimately put the experience and information learned into operation with this app.

Planned features for MVP



Push notification allows you to be notified whenever a friend posts in your predetermined region or comments or cares on your post. You can customize your push notification, and turn on the required notifications. The notifications from the settings also.

Bot for behavioural patterns

Bot for behavioural patterns

To broaden our culture, we must be conscious that we are unique. The USP of this software is its “Relatorbot” feature, which enables you to evaluate the behaviour of the user who shared the content.

Content Sharing

Content Sharing

A user of the app can post images, videos, and text in a region or globally. Other users can access this feed in the predetermined range. They may view it (pictures or videos), like it, comment on it, and share it with their followers

Show your care

Show your care

Since the motto of this app is ``care and relate,`` the care button has replaced the like button. You show your care and on your profile page, you can check your care rate as well.

Message feature

Message feature

You may privately message a follower using the messaging functionality built right within your app. Interacting with people around is now feasibly attributable to a range of social media sites.

Filter the based on your preferred category

Filter the based on your preferred category

You may select the posts and categories you want to view based on your preferences. For instance, you can do so if you want to read posts on food, music, or art and culture. There are no limitations on the category you can choose.



It allows you to mark the post as a favourite, so if required you can check the post again.



The whole app is GDPR compliant and very much secure so that no user feels their data is compromised in any way!

Predetermined Range

Predetermined Range

The post privacy enables users to see the posts either locally within a certain radius or even global content.

Quality checks

The quality control process was designed to ensure that the social networking app runs efficiently. There were tests like speed tests, code reviews, feature tests, and UI/UX design tests to fix the bugs and stay on the roadmaps which fulfill the client’s requirements. We also conducted security testing for any loopholes and patched them even after the app was released on the store with further updates.

Post-Project Support

At Teksmobile, we believe that maintenance and support are the most important factors for the term after a project. We make sure that if there is a chance of an upgrade, we are available to the client to ensure that they know we value them and offer our services even after the delivery of the project. We go so far that we provide at-least 3-6 months of support and guarantee to all our customers for their apps after they are released on the store. Their success is our success!

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