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‘No Language Barrier Instrument’, or NOLBI, is an advanced and powerful translation software. It lets users seamlessly communicate with local service providers – by recording and translating messages on a near-real-time basis.

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    August 12, 2017

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    iOS, Android

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‘No Language Barrier Instrument’, or NOLBI, is an advanced and powerful translation software. It lets users seamlessly communicate with local service providers – by recording and translating messages on a near-real-time basis.

The Brief

NOLBI By Teksmobile

Language can be a serious barrier in the way of effective communication. Picture this: you have gone on a trip to a foreign country – and suddenly need to contact a medical clinic. If you don’t speak the local language of that country (and the people at the clinic are not proficient in yours), you are going to have a right ordeal while trying to describe your problems to the professionals over there. Translation services and tools are available both on the web and mobile platforms – but, to date, the performance of most of these have been rather mediocre, and often inaccurate. NOLBI, or ‘No Language Barrier Instrument’ looks to take things to a whole new level – a level where language differences cease to be a hindrance, and two-way communication can flow without a hitch.

NOLBI – The Tools

“There are absolutely no ways of predicting what type of translation software people might find the most convenient. Depending on the precise use cases too, the suitability of the tools can differ. In the NOLBI project, we decided to include 3 different types of translation tools…so that everyone, from everywhere, can use it.”

— Concept Developer, NOLBI project

Apart from a dedicated iPad translation application, the NOLBI framework also includes an interactive voice response system (IVR system) powered by SIP trunking, and an integrated voice telephony terminal for callback requests. Work on each of the three tools started simultaneously – with a lot of brainstorming and deliberations thrown into the mix. Easily our most detailed project of 2017!

When you take up a project as challenging as NOLBI, there are no rooms for half-measures whatsoever. We had to make sure that the built-in tools delivered fast, optimal, accurate results every single time. In my decade-long stint as a mobile entrepreneur, I have seldom enjoyed working on a project more.

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teksmobile)

In essence, NOLBI offers cross-platform conversation solutions, to ensure seamless communication between users in a foreign country, and service provider(s) in that country who do not know the former’s language. 




The NOLBI iPad Application

This cutting-edge communication app has been designed as an efficient and highly reliable in-meeting translation system. It allows a person to record a message in his/her language, translates it into the local language (the ‘other language’, so to speak), which the operator can listen to. After that, the operator can reply in the local language, which, once again, gets translated back to the user’s language. The lag, if any, is minimal.

“The main screen of the NOLBI app has two main sections or vertical split screens. The first is for users who do not speak the native language, while the other is for the local service providers. Individuals have to tap on the section relevant to them before speaking and recording their message. Things are very organized in this tool.”

— Concept Developer, NOLBI project

A brief explanation of the function flow of the app would be in order over here. Let’s consider that the user is in Sweden (and he does not know Swedish), and a local hospital executive (who does not speak English) are in the same room. The former taps on the NOLBI app to record his message in English. The app records the message and translates it to Swedish – and the translated audio clip is ‘spoken out’ to the other person (use of voice technology). In the next step, the executive taps on the other section of the app and records his response in Swedish. That response is translated to English and stored in an audio clip…which then becomes audible to the initial user. 

Note: The conversation, via the NOLBI application, can continue for any duration.


App Downloads


Positive Reviews


The NOLBI Interactive Voice Response System

“12 years, over 1200 apps, plenty of awards and favourable reviews and appreciations. Even so, new projects really get me going in a big way. Our team had not worked on a full-blown IVR system till now…and understandably, we were really excited while working on NOLBI.”

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teksmobile)

The NOLBI IVR makes the best possible use of the available technology, to provide a fast, convenient, powerful platform for two-way, cross-language conversations (near-real-time). The process starts with a user picking his/her language (say, English). Then, (s)he will be prompted to record a message in the chosen language. Next up, the IVR system will transfer the recorded message to a system-in-package module (SIP module). The module has SIP Trunk for processing and converting the message into digital audio streams. This streams/files are then passed through a verified translation software (Google Translate, Nuance, etc.). Once this stage is complete, the translated message is sent to the operator, who can now reply in the local language. The process can be reiterated any number of times.

“The value of many otherwise decent translation and IVR systems is undermined by rather lengthy, irksome lags. On NOLBI, we tested the IVR repeatedly, to minimize the lag times as much as possible. Sure, the translations and message transfer takes some time…but it is all managed in a matter of seconds. Not quite fully real-time, but not far from it either.”

— Concept Developer, NOLBI project

The Magic Of

Result-Driven Hypnosis

The NOLBI Voice Telephony Terminal

An operator might not always be waiting at the other end, when a user contacts a service provider in a foreign country. In such instances, placing a callback request becomes a great option. The third and final NOLBI translation and conversation tool allows people to do just that. The actual translation is, of course, handled by the terminal itself.

“When someone dials the number of the service provider through this tool, the caller’s contact number gets stored in the database, and a callback request is automatically generated. At the scheduled time of the callback, the call is initiated from the backend by a REST API. The user and the operator are notified simultaneously, and are connected for conversation.”

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teksmobile)

During the conversation, the customer’s message is translated to the local language by the terminal, and sent to the operator. The latter’s response, in the local language, is then translated back to the user’s language, and delivered. 

Note: In this tool too, users are prompted to select their language at the very start.

With Nolbi

Solving Problems

Life is a complex affair. It throws up challenges and problems and fears…things which can bring in negativity. As a long-time expert on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I felt that there was a scope of creating a mobile app that would effectively tackle these problems. And that’s how HelloMind was conceptualized.

Problems of various types – neatly categorized – can be resolved with the help of the therapeutic audio sessions (treatment sessions) in the app. The experience of Jacob in this field, combined with our understanding of the proposed functionalities of the app, ensured that HelloMind would be a really handy mobile self-inspirational app…for everyone.

The range of life issues that HelloMind handles is mighty impressive. From something as common and pesky as lack of adequate sleep, to fear of animals and low self-esteem levels – there are treatments for everything in this app. A cool personal confidence builder!

 “12 years, over 1200 apps, plenty of awards and favourable reviews and appreciations. Even so, new projects really get me going in a big way. Our team had not worked on a full-blown IVR system till now…and understandably, we were really excited while working on NOLBI.”


Platform Selection

Cloud Storage Assurance

“A service provider might want to access and re-listen to older messages. A general user can want to keep track of the messages he or she sends out through the NOLBI tool. There is the security factor as well. To handle all such requirements, the tool has been provided with robust cloud data storage feature.”

— Concept Developer, NOLBI project

Records of the actual conversations between customers and service providers, along with the text transcripts of all messages, are securely stored on the cloud. At any time, authorized users can find and listen to previous message records. Cloud storage also adds reliability and accountability to this translation tool.

To ensure widespread usability, NOLBI supports a large number of languages. We also have plans to add more languages to the tool every month. All the three tools are available to users across the globe (no geographical restrictions). The app version comes with smooth ‘tap-to-speak’ feature, intuitive controls, and uniformly user-friendly interfaces. 

The NOLBI tool is in the final testing phase, and will be available for download in the next quarter. This is a translation software that makes language barriers cease to matter…and for many people out there, that’s a very important advantage indeed.

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