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1Cloud2 App By Teknowledge

Hussain Fakhruddin - February 25, 2015 - 0 comments

This project was like a proverbial ‘breath of fresh air’ for us. We were simultaneously working on four separate social networking apps, when the head of ATN Marketing SRL approached us with the concept of 1Cloud2. The idea of making an app that was all about cloud storage and access immediately appealed to us. We sent along a detailed free app quote on the same day, and the actual mobile app development process started four days later.

1Cloud2 is a cloud storage and sharing app

“I feel that there are not enough mobile apps for data storage and access on the cloud, on either iOS or Android. When my team got the 1Cloud2 project, we were just that bit extra keen to make this a really good, useful application. The guys at ATN Marketing deserve a lot of kudos of coming up with such a smart and innovative app idea.”

Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO, Teknowledge Software

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teknowledge Mobile Studio)


Choosing The iOS Platform


Considering the professional nature of this application, the decision to start off with an iOS version of 1Cloud2 came naturally. The representatives of ATN Marketing SRL also concurred with our opinion of selecting iOS over Android as the initial platform of choice for this app. It has been less than a month since the app has debuted at iTunes (incidentally, 1Cloud2 is Teknowledge Software’s 650th application) – and judging by the favorable reviews it has already received, we might start working on an Android version sometime later.

1Cloud2 is a free iPhone app, and is very easy to install

“The idea was to make the 1Cloud2 app available to as many smartphone users as possible. At the same time, we did not want it to go all out and end up with one or more versions of it lagging behind. After a couple of discussions with Hussain, we decided to make 1Cloud2 a customized iOS application.”


— Head, ATN Marketing SRL


In keeping with the client’s specifications, our mobile app developers optimized 1Cloud2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We took particular care to ensure that the app was properly viewable and retained all its functionality on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

Documents and images in all formats can be stored on 1Cloud2

What Can Be Stored & Shared With 1Cloud2?


“People, in general, are increasingly willing to save and share all sorts of documents and files over the cloud network, on a real time basis. Our endeavor was to make 1Cloud2 an app that did not pose any difficulties whatsoever to users trying to upload docs in any particular format.”

Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO, Teknowledge Software

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teknowledge Mobile Studio)


Our iPhone app development experts created preliminary sketches and wireframes of the application and shared them with the personnel at ATN Marketing. The app was meant to serve as a tool for sharing/storing both documents (in any format) as well as HQ images. After a few consultations with the client, the controls and features were finalized.

It's easy to share HQ photos on 1Cloud2

“It was a cloud-storage and sharing app, and the last thing we wanted was it to have any restrictions or shortcomings. That’s why we requested Hussain to make sure 1Cloud2 does not have locational restrictions. It’s a good thing that he and his team were real experts, and they created 1Cloud2 just the way we had envisaged.”


— Head, ATN Marketing SRL


Giving More Options To Users


1Cloud2 has been chalked out in a way that people would never face any space-crunch while sharing/uploading files. The client was of the opinion that giving people 1TB of storage space in the app should be a good idea. Our iOS app developers agreed that 1TB was more than enough for general cloud usage requirements of users. Next came the issue of subscription options.

There are 3 paid subscription options on the 1Cloud2 app

“I did not want to unnecessarily complicate matters by playing around with the storage space of the 1Cloud2 app. Instead, the idea of offering different subscription periods or payment plans to clients seemed to make a lot more sense.”


— Head, ATN Marketing SRL


Finally, we went with 3 different paid subscription options for the app. The 3-month option was priced at 21.99 Euros, going for the 6-month option cost users 40.99 Euros, while the annual subscription was associated with a price tag of 69.99 Euros. The app itself was, of course, free to download.


“Unlike most half-baked cloud-storage apps that are already present, 1Cloud2 is not about a single, has-to-be-taken subscription option. People can take their pick from three different payment plans, depending on their storage requirements and budget preferences. Why force someone with a year-long subscription, if (s)he does not need it?”

Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO, Teknowledge Software

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teknowledge Mobile Studio)


Speed, Security & More…


There is no shortage of websites and mobile apps in which uploading/downloading files are painfully slow processes. Our app development team felt that 1Cloud2 could really make a mark in this regard. On this application, uploading any file (provided that it is less than 100 MB (free account) and less than 1 GB (premium account) in size) takes only a few seconds. Downloading and accessing shared files are similarly fast.

Screenshot of stored music in 1Cloud2

“A common…and I should add, justified…apprehension in the minds of people is about the security of the stuff that they share over the cloud network. After all, cases of high-profile data hacks and unauthorized data access have been disturbingly frequent in the last couple of years. We were determined to make 1Cloud2 a really, really secure application. Thankfully, it has turned out to be just that!”


— Head, ATN Marketing SRL


During the mobile app testing phase for 1Cloud2, we focused on implementing and checking high-end data security on the app. In fact, this took a couple of weeks – after which the app was submitted at the App Store. It was approved quickly though.


Greater Convenience To 1Cloud2 Users

“As someone who uses web-based cloud storage services regularly, I find the frequent plan renewal notifications to be rather annoying. From the very start, me and my developers had decided to make the subscription plans of 1Cloud2 auto-renewable. We had a chat with the head of ATN, and he agreed that it would be the right way to go.”

Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO, Teknowledge Software

— Hussain Fakhruddin (CEO, Teknowledge Software)


When the app development project was nearly complete, one of our developers (smart of him!) pointed out that people might want to turn off the auto renewal option. Accordingly, we included that option in the app as well, but with one condition. The feature had to be turned off at least twenty-four hours before the existing plan was scheduled to expire. It was yet another way of making sure that people could use the app in just the way they wanted.


“I downloaded 1Cloud2 in February, and have gone for the 3-month subscription plan. Till now, the app has worked without a hitch…and I have already shared close to 100 photos via the app. The auto-renewal option is a peace of mind, really.”

— Justin Gomez (iPhone 6 Plus-user)

(downloaded 1Cloud2 on February 6, 2015)

1Cloud2 has a very user-friendly interface

At any time, users can check the available space in their account. From the settings page, they can set up the ‘Passcode Lock’ for their cloud data, as well as upgrade to a premium account. Data saved in premium accounts are never erased (unlike the 60-day span of free account data), and users get even higher download speeds too.


Room Of Improvement


Constantly upgrading our services has always been a hallmark of our mobile app company. 1Cloud2 gave us a perfect opportunity to learn more about cloud-storage preferences and requirements of general users. Till now, the feedback and app reviews have been unanimously positive, and we have plans to gradually improve the app further over time.


“The one thing about Teknowledge that really impressed me was the adaptability and willingness to learn among the app developers there. Their coding expertise was excellent, they kept me in the loop at all times, and together with Hussain, we are trying to make 1Cloud2 more and more attuned to user-requirements.”


— Head, ATN Marketing SRL

Terms & Conditions screen of 1Cloud2

Creating 1Cloud2 was one of the most challenging projects ever at Teknowledge, and being able to complete it successfully was immensely satisfying. The satisfaction of the client, the good reviews, and the encouraging initial download figures suggest that we have done a fairly good job. Each of us learnt a lot while working on this project.


1Cloud2 is available for free download at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id910577400. Further information about 1Cloud2 can be obtained by visiting http://1cloud2.com/. As far as mobile cloud-storage apps on the iOS platform are concerned, this one is probably the very best!

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