Interviewing Leonie Spencer,The MD Of Lifestyle Travel Ballarat
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AppBoard Tuesday – Interviewing Leonie Spencer, The MD Of Lifestyle Travel Ballarat

Hussain Fakhruddin - May 3, 2016 - 0 comments

In each of the previous editions of AppBoard Tuesday (ABT), we have dealt with various issues related with mobile app development. This week, how about a change-up? I recently interviewed Leonie Spencer, the Managing Director of Lifestyle Travel Ballarat, at her office. Leonie, of course, is also one of our most important clients – and the owner of the Lifestyle Travel (My Trip) app. Here is the chat I had with Leonie:

(video transcript of the conversation with Ms. Leonie Spencer)


Me: Tell us a bit about the idea behind your app…

L. Spencer: I feel that the future will be all about mobile devices. I was on a holiday in the US 3 years ago…and over there, we saw people using their mobile phones for practically everything. That’s when I thought there is a need for an app to store documents…something that would keep the documents at the fingertips of users.


Me: So, what was the actual mobile app development process for Lifestyle Travel like?

L. Spencer: Oh, it was a fantastic process. You and your Teks team were easy to work with…you guys understood what’s required for the app. We could work through issues easily.


Me: How about the end-user experience that the Lifestyle Travel app provides?

L. Spencer: I really hope people love the app…even the older people…those who are not really tech-savvy. I have seen that old people use iPads…say, to keep in touch with their grandchildren. That way, they are learning something new, a cutting-edge technology. The business from the app has been helped by what people have told to other people about it.

Lifestyle Travel app (iPad version)

Me: Tell me Leonie, do you have any plan to make a product out of the app?

L. Spencer: Lifestyle Travel (My Trip) is an app developed professionally…for professionals. We can offer the app to travel agencies and other business owners. The product will not be for the general public…but it can help as an agent. We have done all the hard work…and now we can provide the app to travel agents who know all the traps. They will also get the clients list they can’t otherwise get.


Me: How is this business, this technology, help you going forward? Where will this app development take you?

L. Spencer: Oh, that’s a hard question! I suppose it is the same for all my projects – to give the best possible client-experience…the easiest, most cost-effective way to store documents. There is messaging, to get in touch whenever there is an issue. Say, people are traveling and they can send a message for us to upload tickets electronically. In future, paper will kind of disappear…as things become more efficient and user-friendly. You are the tech person…I guess you will be the one taking the app to the future!


Me: What were the things you were fearful about while the app was being made?

L. Spencer: Oh…I guess I was a li’l apprehensive about whether the investment would be worth it initially. I had to take a leap of faith…while thinking if the app would actually be useful to people. My sons, in their 20s, handle gadgets – and they liked it…but I was a bit scared that the app might not turn out as I had thought it should. You and your team of mobile app developers helped with your quick responses to emails, the additional payment option in Australian Dollars, and all those little added things. All of these took away the fear of dealing with someone from another country.


Me: When you started working with Teks, did you feel there is a difference between us and mobile app companies in Australia?

L. Spencer: There was this slight apprehension of not being able to go and physically check out your Indian office. But then, you gave all the answers, explained things, provided references of people…and this took away that fear. Also, there was the money back guarantee you provided…and I did not have to pay anything straight upfront. There was this feeling of mutual trust…and that made things easier.


Me: Before we finish, are there any suggestions…or would you recommend Teks to other people?

L. Spencer: Definitely, I would like to refer your mobile app agency to other people. There’s not much as suggestions…but I feel some more representation in Australia will be beneficial. There are often language problems or cultural differences…something that is not there with Teks. I can explain things in lay terms…and you guys can understand it easy. You have done a fab job…and there’s not a lot. There is a little way to go…and we are getting there.


And that rounded up the chitchat session between yours truly and Leonie. My team is more than glad to have been able to help her…and create the Lifestyle Travel (My Trip) app in just the way she wanted. This iPhone travel app is an absolute winner…and the vision and clarity of thought of Leonie has a lot to do with its succes.


This brings us to the end of another edition of AppBoard Tuesday. We hope you liked this video transcript – a change up from our weekly routine of discussions on app-related topics. ABT will be back next week (but of course!)…and till then, love thy apps!

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