Why Should You Hire A Mobile App Company?
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Why Should You Hire A Mobile App Company?

Hussain Fakhruddin - November 17, 2014 - 0 comments

Brainstorming for a practically useful app idea is not the easiest task in the world. When you do manage to think up a good app concept, it is vital to not take any chances with its implementation. This is where the importance of mobile app companies come into the picture.


Anyone can have ideas that can be converted into apps. While fiddling with your smartphone, teaching your kid, waiting for a delayed flight at an airport, having your breakfast – a nice and interesting idea can easily come across your mind (particularly if you are interested in tech stuff) at any time. However, to give practical shape to your app ideas, availing the services of a good mobile app company is of essence. Here’s a few reasons why you will go nowhere on your own – even if you have the best app ideas at your disposal:


  1. Where’s the technical expertise? – Professional mobile app developers have it, you don’t. It would be a waste of both time and effort to think up an idea AND then, learn programming techniques to codify it in the form of a workable app. The responsibilities are distinct enough – you are in charge of unearthing a good concept, and the company will look into how the actual app development process takes place.
  2. Plenty of options – What with the rapid proliferation of mobile technology worldwide, every major city has multiple smartphone app development companies. There is absolutely no need to worry about how to create an iPhone/Android app, when a few minutes of research on the internet can get you in touch with leading agencies that specialize in the job. Make a shortlist of the companies, compare their fees and service offers, and hire the one which seems the most suitable.
  3. Customization – Let’s consider for a moment that you are a capable programmer yourself. Does that mean that you can ignore the need for hiring a mobile app development company? Far from it. At best, you will have a SINGLE idea of coding for the concerned app. A company, on the other hand, will be able to provide you customized app development solutions – depending on your precise requirements, budget and other relevant factors.
  4. The cost factor – There is a myth that availing the services of mobile app companies invariably involves huge expenses. That would hold true only if you fall for the charms of a shady company, interested only in sponging the maximum possible revenues from you. Any respectable app company would a) give you free app quotes and b) offer alternative budget options. There is no reason whatsoever for spending more than you need to.
  5. Way more systematic and timely – Even if you CAN create a mobile app, that does not mean that it would be a smart option to try your hand at it. Chances are that you have a proper day job, and you will only be able to devote time to app coding during your leisure (late nights, maybe?). There would be no way of saying when you will complete the app development. Mobile app agencies are just the polar opposite – they work on the basis of milestones, and promise a pre-specified completion and delivery date. The fees you have to pay is small price for the systematic service you get.
  6. Intellectual property rights stay safe – It is your idea after all, and it’s only natural to be worried if third-party developers claim ownership of the idea after the app has been developed. Well, most leading Android or iPhone app development agencies are prepared to sign non-competing agreements BEFORE starting to work on your project. That should keep your mind at ease regarding the issue of intellectual property rights. Once the app is at store(s), you can promote it under your name. There is no compulsion of mentioning the name of the company you had hired too.
  7. You are kept in the loop – Mobile application developers would share app wireframes, mockups and prototypes at regular intervals with you. This works to your advantage in two ways. Firstly, you can give your suggestions/feedback at any point (including requests for modification, in case the app is not quite being made according to your preferences). Secondly (and this one is not that important), you can learn some tidbits about the mobile app development frameworks, the underlying platforms, and the coding techniques that are being used. If you try making an app on your own, who are you going to turn to for feedback or on-the-job recommendations?
  8. The creative touch – There’s a world of difference between conceiving a great app idea, and actually giving it an engaging, attractive feel on devices. Any app company worth its salt will have expert graphic designers, animators, and other personnel looking into the creative aspect of the job. Even the most interesting ideas can fail, if the app developed from it appears boring to final users. Even if you can develop your own app, you will lose out on the creative front – because, let’s face it, developers cannot double up as designers!
  9. Help in app marketing – If you decide to make the app yourself, how are you going to market it? You will tell your colleagues and neighbors and relatives and acquaintances, maybe make a blog and publish posts about your app, and share snippets about it via social media. That, sadly, is not going to give your app sufficient exposure – particularly since thousands of both iOS and Android apps are being submitted every month at the stores. A professional agency would take up the responsibility of mobile app marketing as well. Their promotions are done on an ongoing basis – so that your app always remains in the news.
  10. The testing issue – You submit a buggy app at iTunes, and it will be rejected forthwith. The approval procedure is far easier at Google Play Store – but if your app has malware, it would soon create a negative buzz, and download figures would never be high enough. When you hire an app agency, you get reliable assurances on the quality issue. Developers perform thorough mobile app testing, so that there are minimal chances of user-complaints, and your app becomes more likely to be a success.
  11. Experience matters – When you look for any service provider, you search for experienced personnel, right? There is no reason why your approach should be different when a mobile app is to be developed. After all, you are a ‘fresher’ in this domain, while companies have teams of mobile app developers with years of relevant experience. The enhanced service efficiency you get more than justifies the app development costs you are charged.
  12. Devising app monetization strategies – Irrespective of whether you wish to make a free app or a paid app, a company would always have the resources to implement effective app monetization strategies. In addition, freemium apps are gaining in popularity at present – and for monetizing them, trusting a professional is a way better idea than trying to chalk up strategies on your own. If you wish to make money from your app, professional help is an absolute must.

Mobile app development companies generally provide excellent after-sales support too. You can get in touch with the developers at any time, for suggesting upgrades and modifications (for future app versions). The only thing you should not do is hire the very first app agency you come across. Each of them would claim to be the best, and the onus is on you to research properly, gather references, and pick the one that would indeed help to make the most of your app idea.


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