Hiring React Native Developers: 6 Skills To Look For
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Hiring React Native Developers: 6 Skills To Look For

Hussain Fakhruddin - April 30, 2019 - 0 comments


Tips to hire react native developers


Teksmobile was not always the competitive, top-of-the-line app development team that it is now. It had to overcome various hurdles, most of all, it had to nurture and grow its developers in Australia to become better acquainted with its goals and channel their skills towards them.

When React Native came around and proved its mettle as a cross-platform development platform, the crew was in a sudden requirement of talented players who could take us up to this new course that had new bumps. Hiring a React Native app developer with specific, essential skills was a challenge, and it was not just us who faced them. But now, with a global market for us to serve, we are taking a shot with this article at helping app development startups in Australia and beyond to become successful at hiring React Native talents.

Why React Native?

In a previous article, we discussed why React Native has been the leader in this race of cross-platform developer frameworks. It has plenty of useful features that make development easier and apps smoother. Coupled with the fact that it is based on the well-known JavaScript language, developers adopted it quickly. React Native is open-source as well, and this has helped it in bypassing many bugs that other cross-platform SDKs face now. If you are still working with native development, it is time to change ways soon.

Top Essential Skills You Should Look For When Hiring React Native App Developers

Going forward as an app development firm requires great adaptive abilities. The fact that you’re reading this article affirms the fact that you possess them. Before you begin the hiring process, you have to prepare whether you’re an expert developer yourself or just have a basic grasp of that job. What are the essentially important skills that you must test the React Native developers on? Here you go:

  • JavaScript: First and foremost, test their skills in JavaScript. It’s needless to say that if someone claims to have a working knowledge of React Native, they are already adept with JavaScript. But how good are they? They should be good enough to help you start developing mobile apps with React Native without further ado.
  • Native Development: Just because there are easier options available, the knowledge of natively developing apps for Android and iOS separately has not nulled in value. Developers must still have a strong hold over native app development. You can preferably test the candidates’ skills in the Swift and Objective-C languages and the Xcode IDE to know their efficiency in iOS app development. For Android development, Java and Kotlin languages and experience with Android Studio must be tested.
  • Backend Development: A good developer can not only manage the front-end of an app or website, but (s)he also takes care of the backend development. Working on React Native requires proactive backend skills in services like Meteor and Parse Server. It then becomes necessary for any recruiter to do a quick inspection to see how much the potential team member knows about this phase of app creation.
  • Running Debugs and Tests: There are plenty of handy tools and services that allow a developer to quickly debug and test the app. Some can do it in real time when writing the code while others check the code during compilation. Sentry, HockeyApp, Redux, Enzyme, and Jest are a few important ones that your favourite developer must have hands-on experience in. Just knowledge won’t cut it.
  • Optimisation and Navigation: A part of debugging and testing the app is to make it easy to navigate and optimise it for the best performance. The best apps out there are optimised to run on newer and older smartphone models. While you don’t have to make it available for all Android OS and iOS versions, a few older versions would be fine. Your React Native expert should be knowledgeable about adjusting the app features and its navigation for this purpose.
  • Communication: Many skilled and masterful coders often miss out on this important skill. The result? An app that no one ever planned for. Communicating with the rest of the team and the coordinator is an integral aspect of building apps that stay true to the app development firm’s purpose and strategy. Confident and well-spoken individuals might be very difficult to find, but compromising too much is not recommended.

Teksmobile has dedicated developers who are experts in the frameworks and SDKs they specialize in. No wonder we are going strong even after 13 years, still competing and delivering as we promise. With great React Native applications, a mobile and app development company can taste success. Hard work and consistency – even at the grassroots level – is crucial, no doubt. When you combine these with the talented React developers you hire for app development, there’s no saying how far you can go!


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