Make Better Wireframes in 7 Easy Steps
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Make Better Wireframes in 7 Easy Steps

Hussain Fakhruddin - April 3, 2019 - 0 comments


wireframing tips for developers


“Strong roots make beautiful leaves”, they say. There is not much to argue about there. In the world of designing websites and webpages, what are the roots? The wireframes. Wireframing is a necessary skill, something that you, as a web designer, must be adept at. Without good wireframes, you can’t expect to shake hands with your clients and take your business forward. What can you do to get better? Here are 7 steps that will help you.

  1. Use colours with intention:

    If you decide to use colours in your wireframe, make sure they serve a purpose. Colours should highlight important functions or make buttons stand out. It’s better not to use them unintentionally.

  2. Be consistent:

    Once you establish a style, keep using it across the wireframe. Changing styles makes things look amateur-ish whereas consistency shouts professionalism.

  3. Avoid Lorem Ipsum:

    Don’t think that using Lorem Ipsum text is a big deal? Think again. Not using your own, real content makes it look like you were being lazy. While the text on the webpage doesn’t matter at this phase of designing, using actual text in your wireframe makes it look way better.

  4. Think in Terms of Your User:

    Remember that the wireframe is not for your benefit, it’s for the users. Seeing things from their perspective will help you outline and create wireframes that are efficient.

  5. Communicate and Get Feedback:

    Throughout the wireframing process, you should stay in constant touch with your users and clients. Communication with your clients is a great way to stay in line with their expectations. Your users’ feedbacks will help you improve the wireframe.

  6. Share Information Statically:

    You cannot animate the wireframe but you can always write about the functionalities and interactions.

  7. Simple and Selective:

    Aim to keep the wireframe clutter-free. Be selective with what ideas you employ. The best processes are generally the ones that work around a single concept.


While it’s impossible to list steps that guarantee success for every scenario, the above will help you cover a wide ground when wireframing. As you stick to the basics, you are bound to learn new things with every new project. Combine wisdom with experience to get better at wireframes and become a better designer.

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