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Hussain Fakhruddin - November 7, 2013 - 0 comments

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“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
– Roger Miller’s quote came to be so very true for us recently when Teks enjoyed its annual offsite amidst torrential rainfall!

Yes! It was indeed a Rainy Day Picnic!!! Early that morning, black clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder rolled and a heavy downpour had set in. The rain did not seem to stop even for a while. But this could not dampen our spirits. We set out for the offsite with our umbrellas and rain coats on. We boarded the hired mini bus and started towards our offsite destination.

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This year, the venue was Country Roads Resort. The resort was not too far and was located at Panchla – a picturesque countryside near Bauria. Spread over 45 acres of magnificent greens, the resort was a real treat to our eyes. And the torrential rain added an icing to it. A soft, pleasant breeze was blowing. All the trees and plants that had been just washed appeared very beautiful and pleasant. The beauty of the garden in the resort refreshed our minds and souls.A soft pleasant smell pervaded every place and the clouds had nearby cleared by then. Our hearts leapt up with joy to behold this beauty. We ran into the garden and started screaming and yelling. We felt as if we were back to those childhood days. We all had a cool photo session. Everyone posed at their best.




It was time for the outdoor games & activities. Quickly, we had our breakfast and gathered near the pool. There was a “Medley Relay & Treasure Hunt” race. The teams had to balance a lemon on a spoon, hop in a three-legged race, thread a needle and finally search for the clues to get the jackpot. All of us kept searching for clues all over the resort. It was such a fun! Finally, the “Spark Plugs” team bagged the jackpot!

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Next, we had a volleyball match. As the field was wet and muddy, we decided to play volleyball in the pool itself.

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Then we had our lunch. There was a plethora of delicious food. When the waiter poured the hot gulab jamuns in a bowl, a crowd literally gathered and gorging on the sweets!

After the lunch we had free time to enjoy the splendors of the park. Some played sports, while others lounged around in the shade.

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Soon, it was time for the indoor activities and performances. We all were eagerly waiting for this. While a group enacted a hilarious comedy drama on “Modern Ramayana,” another group performed a Zombie dance! It was such great fun that everyone burst out laughing. There were solo performances too. Every  member of the Teks family either danced, sang, enacted a famous character or indulged in mimicry.

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In the evening, we had hot pakoras with tea or coffee. What a perfect hi-tea in such a wonderful weather.We sat on the lawn beside the fountain and enjoyed our tea with the murmuring of the flowing water. Time to time, tiny jokes and a funny trivia game increased our enjoyment.

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Hardly did we know, that a blast was waiting for us! All of us were asked to enter a room for a thanksgiving speech by our CEO. The room was all dark and nothing was visible. Suddenly, with a bang, loud music broke the silence accompanied by colorful laser lights and beams. It was then we realized, we were actually dragged into the disco! The hip setting, happening music added a zing to our spirits. Everyone let their hair down and enjoyed the good times, and how!

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Time went by and we had no cares. Finally, it was time to return back home. What an offsite it was! It was one of the most memorable day in everybody’s life. Apart from being an exciting and fun filled day, it would hold some of the greatest memories of being together………………………

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