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Top 10 Event App Builders in 2019: Great Apps for Successful Events

Hussain Fakhruddin - November 1, 2022 - 0 comments

Top event app builder platforms: A comparison

Gone are the days when building an app used to be a gargantuan task, achievable only by app developer warriors in iron-clad suits. The last part might have been an exaggeration, but there’s no doubt about the authenticity of everything before that. Fast-forward to 2022, there are apps that can build apps now. Especially catering to business event hosts and organizers, these event app builders provide quick and uncomplicated procedures, laced with a variety of event-exclusive features.

Here are the top 10 event app builders that you can choose from to make your business event a success.


A pioneer in event apps, Attendify has set the bar high with its hard-to-beat features and competitive pricing. Formerly known as KitApps, the company adopted its current name to focus solely on servicing the events industry. It was the first to include private social networking and launch an open API that enabled third-party integration. With 70+ members in 4 countries providing event management products to clients based in over 80 countries, Attendify is a leader in its niche.



Enterprise event management on the cloud- that’s what Cvent is all about. It has partnered with thousands of event planners and hosts around the world. Its software solutions have been used in over 3.5 million events, and counting! Armed with unparalleled popularity, Cvent has been the revolutionizing force in the event management sector, a fact that might not change for quite some time.



A relatively new entrant in this competition, Eventify is doing quite well for itself when it comes to providing event management solutions with custom-made event apps. It recently earned recognition from Google and received a funding commitment of $100,000. Propelling forward with full force now, its developers have plans to roll out many more features, adding to the much-praised ones it has now. Global push notifications, complete customization control, and a horde of networking options are a few among the many offerings that are turning heads towards Eventify.



Events that involve the sale of tickets can get complicated very soon if attendees experience hiccups in the payment process. It can drive down attendance harshly. Eventbrite offers ticketing solutions that are unparalleled in ease and comfort. As an organizer, you can see the live sales count and revenue generated on the app. Your attendees can sail through the ticket purchasing process smoothly with multiple payment options. Eventbrite has an array of utility apps that make organizing and checking in to events a breeze.



Another event app builder of repute, HelloCrowd is a dominating force with many essential features that allow users to create beautiful event apps that provide all the necessary functions and information to attendees. With the ability to add custom branding, upload documents and videos related to the event, enhanced event security, and many more handy features, HelloCrowd has attracted the event-organizing crowd.



Lead generation and networking are the biggest factors that dictate the success of any business event or conference. Attendees want to make as many effective connections as possible, and you can make that happen with Whova’s top-notch social features. It offers affordable event registration, time-saving event management, and powerful event marketing, to ensure victory for your event. It won’t remain a one-time affair anymore.



When it comes to making an app that’s exclusive to your event, you don’t want a third party calling the shots for what should or shouldn’t be on your app. RegFox promises its users the independence and freedom of choice that they yearn for. It also boasts of offering the lowest cost in the industry. The small team at WebConnex that’s behind RegFox, has a client list that puts the big names featured on this article to shame.



Another universal app maker, Aidaio has also made it easy to build event apps. With almost no technical know-how required to get started and published, you can make apps for the Android and iOS store. With over 80 features exclusively catering to an event organizer’s needs, it has successfully launched over 800 events.



While not exclusively for events, AppInstitute has integrated event app-building features that are simple to use and cover all the necessary functions. Place in a booking system, add your own content, send push notifications, and a team of experts ready to help you build a customized app in case you have too much on your hands at that moment.



The drag-and-drop mechanism has been used efficiently in the Appypie event app builder. Adding and promoting events is not a pain anymore as one of Appypie’s useful features is the automatic grabbing of content from social media platforms your event appears on. Monetizing your events is also possible from within this builder, which lets you create many other kinds of apps as well.


The best part of having an app builder to create event apps is the minimal costs associated with it. Make the correct choice and you have complete control over the UI, UX, and content of your event app, the crucial factors that make an app effective and popular, and with it garner the most attendance for your business event as well.

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