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Training iOS Developers. Shaping Careers. Helping In App Creation. All At Teks.

Hussain Fakhruddin - May 18, 2015 - 0 comments


Making an iOS app requires in-depth knowledge about the platform, the development framework and tools, command over programming techniques…and a feel of the pulse of what would work and what won’t. That’s precisely why we conduct regular app development training workshops, seminars and hands-on sessions. We daresay they have been helpful for attendees, and well-appreciated among them till date.


At Teknowledge, we do not believe in rat-races – getting dragged down in a desperate fight to stay a step ahead of other mobile app companies. Instead, knowledge-sharing is the thing we have always valued the most. Anyone who wants to learn about iOS development – right from theoretical tidbits to actual deployment – can expect thorough guidance from our developers, and indeed, myself. It’s an exciting professional field, and Teknowledge would love to move ahead in this domain with all aspiring/currently working developers.


Before I outline the basics of the 22 different iOS training courses we offer, let me just touch upon one point. I do not generally write about these training sessions over here, on our official blog. So, why the exception now? Well, today marks the completion of 6 years of our very first iPhone app development seminar. It has been a long, enjoyable journey – one during which we have learnt, and hopefully helped others learn, quite a bit.


Okay, now onto our training courses. I’ll just focus on the courses that are on offer in 2015 (3 workshops, 1 of them overseas, have already been conducted this year). Check out the following – and do let us know if any of you would like to sign up for our upcoming seminars:

What Are Our iOS Training Sessions About?


Oh well, everything related to (and at times, not that closely related to) creating iOS applications. In particular, we focus on training developers to make complete apps for the iOS 8 platform.


Which Programming Languages Are Discussed At The Seminars?


We mostly concentrate on making our delegates familiar with the Swift programming language for iOS development. Porting Objective-C codes to Swift (and the other way round) is touched upon too. During the Q&A sessions following the hands-on sessions, we take specific questions about working with both Objective-C and Swift.


Do The Attendees Need To Know Programming?


Yes, a basic coding knowledge is a must. We take delegates through the more advanced techniques of iOS app-making, but they should have the knowhow to write simple Objective-C/Swift codes. We give the programming expertise of freshers an edge, and resolve queries & doubts of professionals.


Which Version Of Xcode Do We Focus On?


At present, it’s obviously Xcode 6 (Xcode 6.3, to be more precise). Apart from introductory lectures, we have provisions for practical sessions – where attendees can get a first-hand feel of working with the IDE. Right from storyboarding and GUI-designing, project navigation, a tour of the Xcode features, code debugging and using actions/outlets to connect visual features – everything is included in our Xcode training modules.

All You Need To Know About Cocoa Touch

If you wish to become a successful iOS app developer, there is no way you can manage without thorough knowledge of the various Cocoa Touch APIs. That’s the key reason why we have started allotting 4 sessions for training attendees on Cocoa Touch from this year (earlier on, we had 2 sessions for this). Using core classes of the framework, code partitioning, interacting/handling the controller layers – these are some of the topics related to Cocoa Touch we receive many queries on.

Other Topics We Cover In Our iOS Training Workshops


Yep, this is getting lengthy. Let me just wrap up by mentioning the other tools/topics that are touched upon at our app development training sessions. We invite internationally recognized speakers to share their knowledge on:


  • Setting up and using View Controllers, Segues and Storyboards.
  • Implementing touch gestures and animations in app codes.
  • The basics of Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • Designing the UI and overall layout of apps (we have a separate team of graphic designers who helm this module).
  • Keyboard configuration and usage.
  • JSON framework (optional).
  • Mobile app testing.
  • General debugging methods.
  • Chalking out plans for app upgrades.
  • WatchKit app development (i.e., making apps for Apple Watch).

What Is The Duration Of Our Seminars?

When we started out (one sultry mid-May morning in 2009), it was a 6-hour seminar – with 3 speakers. Over time, we have been fortunate to have more guest speakers, and the number of delegates (from India and overseas) has grown exponentially. From the last year, we have started hosting two types of seminars:


  • Single-day iOS training (for those who are already know Swift programming and are familiar with the basics of Xcode/Cocoa Touch).
  • Two-day iOS training (for freshers who have just completed their programming courses).



Of course, experienced professionals are more than welcome to join the latter course. We would love to have them!


Do The Attendees Need To Bring Anything?

Their pens, their notebooks (or laptops)…and their thinking caps! From a couple of days in advance, we start setting up the projectors, PA system, Mac computers, and everything else that would be required for the workshop. All that our attendees have to do is learn, ask questions, and learn some more!


The People At The Helm


Apart from me and my senior colleagues, we invite globally renowned experts on iPhone app development to conduct sessions at our iOS training programs. On average, around 25 case studies and 15 dummy projects feature in the training modules we organize. As the attendees to our previous events testify, we provide the best iOS training sessions in Asia.

See You At The Next Seminar, Maybe?

If you are an aspiring iOS developer, we would love to have you as our guest in our next training program. We are planning to organize it sometime in late-June – and if you are interested to participate, simply drop in a mail to We will notify you about the event itinerary, as well as the dates of the next edition of the Teks iOS training session.

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