iOS 7 Jailbreak - The Steps You Need To Follow
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Want To Do An iOS 7 Jailbreak? It’s Not That Tough!

Hussain Fakhruddin - January 17, 2014 - 0 comments

You need the Cydia software application on your iOS 7 device, to download third-party (non-Apple) mobile apps on it. We here present the steps that you need to follow, for jailbreaking an iOS 7 handset.


For all the merits of the all-new iOS 7 mobile interface, it still retains the shortcoming that had plagued all its predecessor versions. On an Apple device (be it an iPhone, iPad or iTouch), you cannot, officially, download and install any third-party mobile apps. So, should you turn a blind eye to the tempting range of applications that can be accessed through Cydia? Certainly not! You can easily do an iOS 7 jailbreak, by following these steps:


  1. Take a backup of all your phone data – Jailbreaking an iOS device can lead to loss of important information, if you do not bother to take a backup of the same – on iTunes. You will need to navigate to the ‘Back Up’ option under ‘Devices’ in your iPhone, and make a copy of all the vital stuff. Once the jailbreak is successfully completed, you can restore the information with ease.

  2. Download evasi0n7 – Your go-to program, for performing a quick jailbreak on practically any iOS device. Released by evad3rs, the program would help you to jailbreak devices powered by iOS 7 till iOS 7.0.4. Create a new folder on your computer desktop, and store the evasi0n folder in it.

  3. Check the system settings of your computer – A note of caution here. evasi0n7 does not work in computers with any default OS settings. Make sure that the system you are using has Windows XP or Windows 7 installed. For Mac users, the system configuration has to be at least OS 10.6. Linux x64 and x86 also support evasi0n7.

  4. Launch the evasi0n application – After the evasi0n7 folder has been saved on your computer, you need to launch it. Remember, the jailbreaking program works only when you run it as ‘administrator’. Professionals from any mobile application development company advise users to right-click on the evasi0n folder, and select the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

  5. Close all the other programs – Next up, you will have to close all the programs that were running on your computer. That includes even the iTunes window, where you had taken the backup of your phone data earlier. Other active programs can cause the iOS 7 jailbreak process to become too slow, and might even block it.

  6. Connect your handset to the computer – And use a properly functioning USB cable for that. Professionals from leading iPhone application development companies in India agree that connecting your phone to the PC via bluetooth (or any other remote connection tool) would not allow the iOS 7 jailbreak process to initiate.

  7. Check whether your iOS device is rebooting – Even on a relatively slow system, it should not take more than a few seconds for your handset to be recognized by the computer. Once that is done, the phone will start to reboot itself automatically. Ensure that the device remains steady during this stage. The evasi0n7 program will access the necessary system information, prior to the reboot.

  8. If your iOS 7 device has a passcode, disable it – iOS 7 jailbreak is not possible on a passcode-protected device. You should preferably disable the passcode before connecting the phone to your computer. Tinkering with the device during the jailbreaking process won’t probably be a good idea.

  9. Start the jailbreak procedure – Everything’s now in readiness for you to click on the ‘Jailbreak’ button on the evasi0n7 window. According to jailbreak consultants from the domain of iPhone app development in India, you must not launch any application (not even Xcode or iTunes), as the status bar is progressing. After all the evasi0n data have been uploaded, the injection and system configuration stages would follow. Within a maximum of seven minutes or so, the Jailbreak icon should appear on the home screen of your mobile.

  10. Unlock the device and reboot it – A dialog box would now appear on the evasi0n7 window, prompting you to slide and unlock the device. Do so, and tap on the evasi0n icon – to initiate the rebooting. The Cydia app gets installed in your iOS device during this stage.

  11. Prepare Cydia for downloading third-party apps – This time, when your handset comes back to life, you will find the Cydia icon on the screen as well. Tap on it to get the Cydia files prepared, and choose the right user profile for yourself on the Cydia interface. Once this is done, you are all set to browse and install third-party apps on your iOS 7 device.


After doing an iOS 7 jailbreak, it would be naive (in fact, rather risky), to indiscriminately download a large number of mobile applications – which might be substandard or pirated. Keep in mind that, jailbreaking an iOS device automatically renders the warranty conditions of the latter null and void. Doing a jailbreak on an iOS 7 phone is way easier than the cumbersome, tethered process required for iOS 6 devices – but the onus remains on you to choose apps that offer proper quality assurance.

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