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Hire Us : Frequently Asked Questions

Hussain Fakhruddin - July 17, 2013 - 0 comments

1) How long have you been working on  iPhone app development ? How long have you been in this Apps biz?
>> 6 years and more. We developed apps even before iPhone came in. We did many apps before in the J2ME era which is currently outdated.

2) How many Apps have you developed?
>> Over 400 apps. Ranging from Games, Business apps, Utility apps, Infotainment and productivity. We have big clients across the globe. Most of our apps are on the top of the store

3) Are you on Facebook ?

>> Yes, we’re very active on Facebook. Please visit our facebook page here:


4) Do you have web site?
>> http://mobile.teks.co.in

5) Can I contact your previous customers, to ask for your service.
>> Yes, but please let us know. Only if they are comfortable then you may.

6) When can you start a project?
>> Normally next day after everything is finalized.

7) Where are you located?
>> India. We have a great office accommodating around 50 people!

8) Your working time?
>> We are available in Indian time along with UK and US time if needed.

9) Which aspects you don’t like from the customer side?
>> Non systematic and haphazard work environment.

10) Do you have a team or you are individual developer?
>> We have a team of 25 developers, project managers, Graphics artists, Quality analysts, but Individuals are also available for hire.

11) Do u also provide graphics support? 
>> We have an in house team of artist/graphics and UI/UX experts. We create a whole theme for the project. Icons, Splash Screens, Backgrounds scenes, Buttons etc.

12) What happens if you get sick?
>> We have alternate developer who take over the project if sickness is more than 2 days.

13) What happens if you run into technical difficulties?
>> We don’t. We are in this biz for over 6 years. We are latest with all the technologies. Our developers provide solutions to other developer community for help they need.

14) What is the payment schedule for you?
>> 30% start, 30% midway, 40% End of the project.

15) Do  you publish your own Apps?
>> We publish many apps. The portfolio is available at: http://mobile.teks.co.in

16) Do you guarantee that you will not compete with us? How?
>> We can sign a non-competing agreement if you want.

17) Do you sign Non-Declaration?
>> Yes, we can sign non-declaration agreement as well.

18) Do you provide warranty/ Guaranty ?
>> All our apps come with 12 month bug fixing support. If there is any bug which comes up in 12 month. We will solve it for free. Of-course it has to be a bug and not an enhancement 🙂

19) Do you provide source code?
>> All rights will be transferred to you once the project is completed. You will have full control of the app.

20) Do you provide support to upload the app to the store?
>> We will upload the app on your behalf on your account. We will guide you fully throughout the process.

21) What about your availability?>> We are available almost the next week for starting any new project.

22) How do you test?
>> We have an in house testing team. We assure proper quality check before delivering the app to our clients.

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