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Independence Fever @ Teks !!

Hussain Fakhruddin - August 16, 2013 - 0 comments

While the whole country was planning to indulge in the 67th Independence day celebration, how could Teks lag behind???

The whole office was decorated with tri-color balloons and flags. A craft work using thermocol, giving it a shape of our county, was made. It was a “Desi Day” for all of the employees. They dressed in saris, kurtas and pajamas added up to the Independence Day theme. And obviously, the color code was either one of the colors of our national flag!

There was a cool photo session. And the most exciting session was the fun activity time. We the employees went back to our childhood days with the game of Musical Chairs!!! We played, we screamed, we quarreled and people even fell down while acquiring a seat!
How could such a grand celebration end without some yummy delicious snacks??? Hot jalebis, gulab jamuns and samosas & cold drinks were waiting for us in our pantry! No sooner did the game end, than the people gorged upon the yummy food. All in all…it was great fun.


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