iPhone Antivirus Software To Keep Your Apple iOS Device Safe
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iPhone Antivirus Software To Keep Your Apple iOS Device Safe

Hussain Fakhruddin - January 29, 2014 - 0 comments

Although the basic security features of Apple handsets are more than reliable, it is still a smart option to get an additional antivirus application installed in them. For your iPhone and/or iPad, you can consider using any of the antivirus tools listed here.


If you do a bit of online research, you will find that antivirus applications for Android handsets are much more in number, than similar protection tools for iOS devices. The underlying reason is simple – Apple phones and tablets have robust in-built security features, which render many functions of regular anti-malware programs redundant. However, you should still have one reliable iPhone antivirus application installed in your handset, to rule out all risks of bug attacks and related device problems. You can choose from the following programs:


  1. Avira Mobile Security – The mobile-version of the Avira antivirus software makes use of the cloud network, to scan every file and app present in your iPhone. It even displays a message if and when a jailbreak is done on the handset. Whenever new mobile apps are installed, thorough malware checks are carried out, and problem files (if any) are removed. The anti-theft feature of Avira is reliable too.

  2. Sophos Mobile Control – To keep a tab on all the probable virus threats on mobile handsets, experts from many iPhone application development companies in India recommend using Sophos Mobile Counter. Updates are generated on a real-time basis by this device safety app, covering all possible malware and virus attacks. Users are also informed about the courses of action necessary to remove such risks.

  3. Anti-Virus Detective – The user-reviews about this one have been rather mixed till now, but the sheer range of functionality of Anti-Virus Detective impresses. The scanning process of the software is quick and seamless, and does not affect the device speed in any way. Automated logical decision-trees are created, on the basis of the threats and malware found. You can even share information about mobile viruses with your contacts, directly through Anti-Virus Detective.

  4. Lookout – Also available for Android handsets, this free mobile safety program is exclusively meant for finding misplaced/stolen smartphones. Lookout can be installed on both iPhones and iPads, and has top-notch data backup facilities. In case your phone is irretrievably lost, you can use the remote features of Lookout, to erase all confidential data from the device.

  5. Intego Virusbarrier – In the realm of custom mobile applications for protecting your iPhone from viruses, this one is probably the best. Prior to downloading attachments from emails received from unknown sources, getting them scanned by Virusbarrier practically ensures that your mobile will not get infected. The software also rules out the risk of buggy files being mistakenly hosted on your iOS device. It also has efficient file-syncing options.

  6. McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile – Over the last few quarters, iPhone app development in India and overseas has undergone a complete revolution – but antivirus programs like McAfee remain effective to this day. The uncluttered mobile application development framework of this tool complements its comprehensive set of malware-protection tools and controls. Since McAfee is regularly updated, you need not worry about working with an outdated virus database either. At the iTunes store, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile enjoys high download figures – clearly underlining its steady popularity among users.

  7. Avast – Contrary to the beliefs of many iOS device-users around the world, Avast is not solely a VPN application. The iPhone protection program of Avast is known as SecureLine – and it serves as an effective block against practically all types of fake/phishing websites that you might come across, while browsing the web on your mobile. SecureLine also blocks potentially buggy pop-up advertisements.

  8. SkanAware – If you frequently scan promotional QR codes sent to your iPhone or iPad, this is one anti-malware tool you should definitely have. The safety app offers high-end guard against cross-site scripts, theft of virtual identity, and unauthorized access of personal data from your phone. You can rest assured about the safety of your phonebook as well. A comprehensive tool against all forms of mobile hacking.

  9. Norton Mobile Security – Not an antivirus system that has lots of customized features for iPhone users – but the sheer reliability factor of Norton makes it worth a mention. Norton Mobile Security can be used to keep a group of handsets (under iDevices) protected as well. Like most of the other mobile safety apps listed above, this one also has anti-theft alerts. The relatively high download price is a factor though, particularly when cheaper (even free!) alternatives are available.

  10. ESET – Powered by the high-end NOD32 technology, ESET is a mobile antivirus tool that is fast gaining acceptance among iPhone users the world over. The basic firewall and top-notch social media scanning features of ESET are two of its high points, while it also offers user-friendly parental controls. After all, you might have several iPhone apps for kids on your device too, right?


Apart from those listed above, Trend Micro Smart Surfing is a useful app to keep your handset protected, particularly while browsing the internet. The Mobile Security and MDM app has an interesting set of features as well. Representatives from any mobile application development company would tell you to be wary of virus attacks on your iPhone – and these programs enable you to do just that!


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