Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Features We Liked
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Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Features We Liked

Hussain Fakhruddin - March 5, 2014 - 0 comments

Along with the Sony Experia Z2, the launch of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 was the most talked-about event at the Mobile World Congress this year (at Barcelona, Spain). Let us here take you through some of the best features of the new smartphone model from the house of Samsung.

Putting an end to weeks of speculation amongst gadget-lovers, Galaxy S5, the latest flagship mobile handset from Samsung, was finally unveiled at the recently-concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC). While there have been murmurs of disappointment over the slightly tacky design features of the new phone model, the overall initial reviews of the latest Samsung device has been mostly positive. We will here list the features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that really come across as impressive:

  1. The improved fingerprint sensor – The Samsung Galaxy phones are not the best when it comes to security features – but the Galaxy S5 does have the potential to turn things around. The high-end sensor of the device can be used to authorize fingerprint validations for mobile transactions. Logging in to mobile apps is also likely to become easier with the sensor. On the phone, fingerprint id can never be removed/duplicated.

  2. The Heart Rate monitor – Rumors have been doing the rounds that iOS 8 would have an exclusive Healthbook app – and Samsung Galaxy S5 is already up for the competition. Just like external medical apps created by mobile application development companies, the Heart Rate Sensor of the phone would allow people to keep track of their heartbeat rate, at all times. More concern for the health of phone-owners currently seem to be what the smartphone biggies are fighting to provide!

  3. Dust-resistance and waterproof properties – Not something new for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active users – for all others, this feature is a relief. No longer would people have to remain constantly apprehensive about a drop of water causing serious damage to their new Galaxy phone. The backside of the handset has a dimpled design, which prevents accumulation of dust. Wiping the phone once every week or so should be enough for keeping it clean.

  4. More powerful battery backup – Nopes, the 2800 mAh battery of Samsung Galaxy S5 will not last for a couple of days – but it certainly would last longer than many similar smartphone models. The Battery Saver Mode, in fact, has been implemented to help users derive that extra bit of battery juice. Provided that you are not using too many mobile apps, you can expect the phone battery to last for at least 24 hours.

  5. Camera – Probably the standout feature of the newly-launched phone. Experts from even iPhone app development companies in India and overseas have expressed their appreciation over the high-clarity 16MP camera of the Galaxy S5, which comes with revolutionary Autofocus and Selective Focus options. Snaps of even fast-moving objects can now be captured, without any problems.

  6. Real-time screen display adjustments – Unlike its predecessors, the display screen of the new Samsung phone has automatic brightness, contrast and color-adjustment features. The display style gets adjusted on the fly, depending on the type of content that is displayed on the mobile screen. The built-in light sensor of the handset indeed lends it a sharper, more interactive feel.

  7. Tie-ups with major apps – More Galaxy Gifts (in the form of apps) – that’s what the newly-launched Galaxy S5 promises to buyers. While definite information on this count is not yet available, the phone is likely to have default tie-ups with many top app development companies across the world. Box, PayPal and LinkedIn are some of the apps that would probably be pre-installed on the device.

  8. The Ultra Power Saving Mode – After (and if!) you buy Samsung Galaxy S5, you might find the display turning fully black-and-white, after it is kept idle for a few minutes. Don’t jump to the conclusion that this is a technical glitch – it happens since the Ultra Power Saving Mode gets automatically activated. Unnecessary apps that might have been running in the background are also closed in this mode. The end result is – less strain on the phone battery. We totally #like!

  9. The Touchwiz user-interface – The feedback on the TouchWiz user-interface of Samsung Galaxy phones have been, till date, rather polarized. The response to the customized TouchWiz UI of the Galaxy S5 is likely to earn more uniform approval though. Obtrusive apps with unnecessary calls for action have been done away with, and the phone apparently makes an attempt to provide users with seamless Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) mobile experience.

  10. Download booster – Mobile data download speeds are all set to become higher than ever before, on the Galaxy S5 device. In the phone, LTE and wireless (Wi-fi) connectivity can be simultaneously activated, to bolster the pace of downloading by as much as 80% (compared to downloads using either of the two alone). The LTE support in the phone is likely to be available on almost all leading mobile carriers.


The private mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is yet another noteworthy feature of the phone. Although the increase in screen size is not really significant (5-inches to 5.1-inches), the smooth AMOLED display impresses. Samsung also takes a cue from the Windows Phone – putting in a child mode in the Galaxy S5, which would make downloading and launching mobile apps for kids an absolute breeze. The new Samsung phone does not have any stunning hardware upgrades – but there are enough subtle, user-friendly features which can be instrumental in generating a uniformly enthusiastic response from buyers!


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