Look Who's On The Phone! Celebrities & The Mobile Apps They Love
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Look Who’s On The Phone! Celebrities & Their Favorite Mobile Apps

Hussain Fakhruddin - January 13, 2014 - 0 comments

International celebrities are, more often than not, snapped with their snazzy smartphones in tow. Let’s take a peep into their world, and see which mobile apps they spend their time mostly on.


Hooked on to the world of glitz and glamour of Page 3 news? Forever wondering what your favorite celebrities and other renowned personalities are doing? Over here, we will take a look at the favorite smartphone applications of some of the biggest names from the world of media and showbiz. Maybe you use some of these apps too!


  1. Blake Lively – If you were a big fan of the ‘Gossip Girl’ television sitcom, the pretty face of Blake Lively would be more than familiar to you. The 26-year old American actress loves iphone applications, with the Hipstamatic app being the one she simply swears by. Lively also likes her regular dose of education, available on the cool iTunes U application. We wonder if Ryan Reynolds loves the same apps too!

  2. Lisa Lampanelli – Apart from making audiences go ROFL with her witty repartees and (at times!) slightly insulting stand-up humor, Lisa Lampanelli is extremely conscious about her figure. That’s precisely why she has, and regularly refers to, the Weight Watchers Mobile application. According to her, watching the amount of daily calorie intake is essential – and we can’t help but agree!

  3. Matt Damon – The Nespresso application for smartphones has not garnered highly favorable reviews from any mobile application development company – but Matt ‘Jason Bourne’ Damon fancies it. The actor, in fact, features in the television commercial for Nespresso too, along with George Clooney. The app offers one-touch information access to all Nespresso news, boutiques and products, although Damon has not yet highlighted why he particularly likes the application.

  4. Emma Watson – The cute little ‘Hermione Granger’ of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ (2001) is all grown up now – and she is a fan of iphone apps too. With traveling around the world for shoots and promotions being a part of her schedules, Emma relies on the AroundMe app for that bit of extra guidance. She also happens to be a feline-lover, and often uses the Cat Effects application to put cute kitty pics around her photos.

  5. Marlon Wayans – You have seen him in the hilarious first two ‘Scary Movie’ flicks, as well as the recent ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’. However, you were probably not aware of the fact that, Wayans relies on the iAnnotate mobile application, to get a proper grasp of his scripts and dialogs, and even jot down notes on them. How one wishes that an iphone application development company in India also comes up with a similar app – Bollywood actors would be delighted!

  6. Jennette McCurdy – Ever wondered how your words would sound like, if they were played in the form of rap? Jenette McCurdy, the gorgeous ‘iCarly’ lass, has tried out the AutoRap app, for precisely this purpose – and has fallen in love with the effects. McCurdy’s other favorite mobile apps – Twitter and Facebook – are much more conventional though.

  7. Ben Affleck – With ‘Argo’ making all the right noises in Hollywood and at the award ceremonies last year, interest among the common public about Ben Affleck is at an all-time high. Apart from apps like Evernote, Waze and IMDb (well, he’s a film star, after all!), Affleck also regularly uses the official application of MLB.com (Major League Basketball). The actor is a die-hard fan of Boston Red Sox, and makes it a point to keep track of all the latest fixtures and results of his favorite team, at all times.

  8. Michael Emerson – Remember Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus from the runaway hit TV series ‘Lost’? Well, that was Michael Emerson – who won an Emmy for his role in the series. Emerson prefers to keep things simple with his choice of smartphone applications, with the TuneIn Radio app being the only one he uses practically everyday. The actor, who can currently be seen in ‘Person of Interest’, is planning to get a dictionary app on his mobile soon too.

  9. J. R. Smith – New York Knicks can’t do without J. R. Smith as their shooting guard – and the much sought-after basketball star cannot think of his handsets (a Blackberry 10 and an iPhone 5) without the League Pass application. Apart from basketball, Smith takes an active interest in the world of professional golf too – explaining his affection for the official PGA tour application.


Thanks to the rapid growth of Android and iphone app development in India, celebs from our country have also caught on the habit of using such applications regularly. For instance, ‘Dev D’ and ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’ girl Kalki Koelchin loves the Voxer multimedia IM app, while Tusshar Kapoor is hooked on to the Twitter mobile app. Star Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin uses the TrueCaller application to filter out unnecessary fan calls. Celebs from all over are increasingly spending more time on mobile applications, and their interests vary widely too!

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