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Mobile Application Development – Things To Know

Hussain Fakhruddin - December 17, 2013 - 0 comments


Planning to develop mobile apps for users? Go through the following factors first – they are likely to help you in your application development endeavors.


The popularity of the various categories of mobile apps is on a steep upward trend. According to research reports, more people worldwide used their smartphones to download and use multi-utility applications, than those simply accessing mobile web. Not surprisingly, mobile app development has also grown into a profitable niche market segment. If you too are planning to enter this field, here are a few basic things you should be aware of:


  1. Mobile application platforms – There are several alternative platforms, for which you can develop apps for. Unless you are a pro in app creation and development, cross-platform compatibility is not something you should try to provide in your applications. Instead, have specially customized apps for Blackberry sets, Android phones and iphones.

  2. Need for the app – A mobile application – however creative it might be – is destined to fail, if it does not fulfil a precise requirement/need of the targeted users. Before getting down to the development stage, find out about the features that people actually want on their smartphones, and determine whether such apps can indeed be developed. Make sure similar applications are not already present in the market.

  3. Native app or web app? – If you are looking to get into the exclusive domains of Android or iphone development in India, you should ideally plan for creating a native app first. These apps can be directly installed in the intended smartphone models, and often, can be used offline as well. On the other hand, web apps have to be created, if you wish your applications to be launched and used via mobile web browsers.

  4. The app development budget – Like any project, you need to have a pre-planned budget for this too. Monitor the app development cost at all stages, and cut out unnecessary expenditures. You also need to decide whether you need to hire additional app developers in Kolkata (whom you would have to pay) – or whether you have the necessary expertise to handle all the development tasks on your own.

  5. The importance of mobile-friendly apps – No person would like an app that eats up the bulk of their smartphone’s bandwidth while being used, slowing down the device in the process. This is why professionals from every well-known mobile application development company focus on creating apps that require minimal bandwidth-usage. The overall mobile application development framework and layout have to be simple and user-friendly as well.

  6. Be careful about the app development graphics used – This is, in a sense, an extension of the earlier point. Remember, the visual and graphic features for a kids’ app should be almost completely different from that meant for delivering stock market updates to investors, or location information to elderly people. Make the graphics of your app customized – so that it appeals to the group of users you intend to target.

  7. Make it scalable – Simply preparing separate sets of apps for the different platforms is not enough – you need to make your apps scalable too. There is no way to predict the screen size of the handheld device that users would be using mobile apps – and the visual properties of your application must not get distorted under any circumstance. Be it a Blackberry Curve, or an iPad – your apps should always appear nice and elegant!

  8. Creating a micro-description for the app – To get the prospective buyers interested in the app you develop, you need to make them aware of its basic features and functionalities – in an engaging manner. At any Android or iphone application development company in India, due importance is placed on creating ‘micro-descriptions’ for their apps, providing a brief overview of the software, its price, compatibility and functionalities. This description should be displayed, whenever users click on your app at the Play Store.

  9. Beta-testing – Never make the mistake of glossing over this stage – for smartphone apps with bugs and/or other usability problems can spell doom for your business. Form a focused group of testers (including yourself), and ask them to use the app on a trial basis for a specified period of time. If any unfavorable feedback comes in, rectify the underlying problems immediately, before the full app launch.

  10. Pricing techniques – If you had managed to keep the mobile application development cost under manageable levels, you should not have troubles to fix competitive prices for your apps. As your business grows, consider offering free apps as well. On special occasions, you can offer special discounts on the downloading of the applications you have developed.


Before planning an app upgrade, study the analytics reports to find out how the original version is doing. Make sure that the icon of your app is attractive enough, and the installation process is simple and straightforward. Do not enter the field of smartphone app development with the sole objective of earning hefty profits. Increase your familiarity with the topic, pay heed to the above factors, and create a smart, interesting, useful application. Revenues will automatically start to be generated!


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